CSS Tutorials

Why Learn CSS?

You can learn the Basic & Advance Level of CSS, and most important thing how to write CSS code in the HTML web page? OR how to write CSS code in external CSS File, all about CSS in this complete tutorial.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is very easy in comparison to other web technology. You just have to understand the basic CSS in deep, it is a one-time investment process that means if you will completely understand CSS from a basic level then you will not forget it in your entire life.

Basic Understanding of CSS

  • Three things are important to know (i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) to become a successful web designer without basic knowledge of these techniques, it is impossible to become a perfect web designer.
  • First, you have to learn all about HTML, then you will start CSS from Basic to advance.

Categories of CSS

  • Basic CSS - Basic CSS tutorial for the beginning.
  • Advanced CSS - Advanced CSS tutorial for that candidates who known the basic CSS.

Basic CSS

The basic knowledge of CSS is most important for a web designer. You can learn about selectors, basic properties, units, color scheme, fonts, backgrounds, HTML elements adjustment like margin, padding, float, and many more basic properties in this section.

The basic CSS section is very easy but it is the most important section because without complete knowledge of this section you will not able to understand advance CSS.

Advanced CSS

You can learn in Advanced CSS tutorial like How to make HTML elements feel alive? CSS animation, advance shadow, advance hover effect, and conditional CSS i.e. media query which is widely used to design responsive web pages in this section.

Knowledge Required to Learn CSS

  • The basic knowledge of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).
  • Basic knowledge of at least one HTML text editor (Notepad, Notepad++, etc).
  • Knowledge of How to create a new directory? and How to create a file?
  • Different directories navigation.
  • Internet Browsing using Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, OR other web browsers.

Know Your Goals

After completing this CSS tutorial you will be capable to design a beautiful web page just like you were imagining, so let's know what you will achieve after completing the CSS tutorial.

  • How to write CSS syntax?
  • How to set color & background color using CSS?
  • How to set border, radius, shadow using CSS?
  • How to divide the section into web pages like header, footer, menu section, and content section?
  • How to define height, width, padding, margin, float using CSS?
  • Mouse movement, screen rotation, auto fit to screen means responsiveness, and much more.

History of CSS

CSS was first proposed by "HAKON WIUM LIE" on October 10, 1994. At that time Hakon Wium Lie was working at CERN ( CERN is known as the European Organization for Nuclear Research) with "TIM BERNERS LEE" (Father of HTML) in the earliest days of the web, there was only HTML. This allowed developers to create structured websites, but it could do very little in terms of design and style.

father of css

CSS was the language that described how these pages should look with CSS, web designers could add custom fonts, colors, layouts, and unique designs to their webpages.

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