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Popular Technical Tutorials

C Programming Tutorials

C Language

C Programming Tutorials

C Programming Language is the world’s most powerful programming language because it’s allows to low level direct memory access.

SQL database queries

SQL Database

SQL Database queries

Structured Query Language; SQL is a database computer language designed for the retrieval and management of data in a relational database.

HTML Tutorials

HTML Tutorials

HTML/HTML5 Tutorials

H-Hyper, T-Text, M-Markup, L-Language (HTML) is not a programming language - it is a markup language.

CSS Tutorials

CSS Tutorials

CSS/CSS3 Tutorials

C-Cascading, S-Style, S-Sheets by combining these three alphabets meaning is Cascading Style Sheets.

Online Test Preparation

When we start leaning in any topics OR subject then first question arrive - How to prepare for examination to check your knowledge or command on any topic or subject? How to start online test taking strategies? Here we will categories mock test in various sections like Amcat, eLitmus, CDAC, Aptitude, HTML, CSS and all other web-technology, Languages (C, Java, .Nat), Database (SQL, Oracle etc.). Just visit once and check your knowledge, capacity etc.


Types of Aptitude Test Like Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, etc.

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Which are compulsory for everyone (Language and Aptitude Modules)

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Basic online interview questions of C and C++ practice topics & online test.

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All MNC's and Startup company interview selection process online test pattern

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Education & Training

Search to get idea for best training institute across India including technologies - Java Programing, C/C++ language, DotNet/Asp.Net/MVC/C#, Python, PHP, Software Testing & Selenium, SQL Database, NodeJs, AngularJs, Hadoop Big Data, Cloud Computing, HTML, CSS, UI Design, Digital Marketing, SAP, CCNA, CAD, CAM, Artificial Intelligence etc...

Learn English

A lot of people learn English at school, where English is a common subject. Many people also want to spend their own personal time to learn English. Some of these people may not know any English, where others will have learned some English in school, and will want to advance their knowledge of it.


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