Golden Practical Tips on How to Motivate A Child To Do Homework

Getting kids to do their homework can be a challenge. Since education started, homework has been the bane of every child's schooling. We didn’t like it, they don’t like it and chances are they are still not going to like it in the future.

Probably you have tried everything to encourage them to do their homework. You have tried giving them snacks, allowing TV or phone privileges as a reward for timely completion, and other tricks. They did not work, did they?

So, this article is here to provide you with tips to motivate your child.

How to Motivate A Child To Do Homework

Remove The Fear Around Homework

When you look closely at why your child refuses to do homework, it is because they are afraid. Either it’s too hard and they fear failure or it’s too bulky and they are tired. Either way, the fear holds them back. 

Mostly it’s because they are aware that you can get disappointed when they fail. So encourage and show them that while good grades are important, they will not get punished for failing. 

Get A Tutor

Another tip is to get your child a tutor. Sometimes your child refuses to do homework because the work is difficult. The teachers set difficult questions and your child feels overwhelmed. It does not need to be a tutor who comes to your home, there are also online tutors. 

Do you need to know where to start? Consider first looking through McGraw Hill Connect answers that will help your child ace their homework and consequently their entire schoolwork.

Create A Study Plan

In addition, as a parent, you can create a study plan where your child has time allocated for homework. Leaving homework too late risks them not doing it. So, you can define when they do their homework.

It could be before dinner or after dinner. It will mostly depend on your child’s study habits but you can monitor when they study. This way it becomes a regular thing for your child to do their homework at a particular time every day.

Minimal Distractions

On top of the other tips, you should ensure that there are very few distractions. That means, no TV, no noise, and no phone calls or texts. Although, one or two phone calls to a classmate about the homework might help.

Some parents resort to having homework done in the kitchen, where it is quiet and easily monitored. As a parent, you will have to pick the appropriate place in your house.

Set A Good Example

Along with the other tips, you need to set a good example. Do you often read, consistently at the same time every day? Or do you often sit undisturbed to go over the house bills? Or do you struggle to even keep appointments? What you do, your child watches closely.

If you are organized and methodical, your child will mirror this. It could be little things like keeping a to-do list and timetables for yourself, but your child will interpret this as the right way to do things.

Get Help

Finally, another tip is to get help. If there are continuing problems, talk it over with their teacher and work out a way to help your child. Another is to find out how homework can be done. You can simply navigate to top homework help websites where you can get help from experts to guide your child. Once they see how it works, they will be better at doing homework.

Summing Up

Homework need not be difficult for any child. And the tips above can help with that. Just use them to help your child and soon homework evenings won’t be too stressful.

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