Why Do Students Buy Research Papers?


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Research papers and essays for sale - this ad can be found both on the Internet and on the streets. Anyone can purchase the paper. 

"What is your topic? What is your subject? Is there a plan? I need to consult with a specialist who knows your topic. The price depends on the number of pages and the deadline." These are the typical questions asked when students buy research papers.

The Internet is full of so-called educational services, where you can buy a term paper, thesis, or dissertation. But why do students choose to buy such papers rather than write them themselves? Let's find out in this article.

Do students know what a manifestation of academic dishonesty is?

The survey showed that at least 60% of students in all universities studied the rules of citation and the rules of reference to the used literature. So, theoretically, they know what plagiarism is. However, the survey results showed that there are problems with the definition of plagiarism.

The majority of students consider the use of other people's texts as plagiarism (quoting without attribution, downloading essays and research papers from free websites). Few students consider such "innocent" actions as copying someone else's text with slight alterations (changing the word order, translation, rewriting in their own words) to be dishonesty. Moreover, these kinds of plagiarism are often involved in scandals about dissertations and scientific articles.

How do students feel about displays of unfairness?

Approximately 20% of survey participants consider it normal to cheat and use cheat sheets during tests and examinations and to copy from their own notes. They do not judge using the Internet (essays, answers to tests) and copying from a classmate by 10-15%, i.e., more than every tenth respondent. However, if we analyze not the overall picture but the results of the examination in individual schools, the picture will be more complicated. There are schools where 63-69% of students think it is acceptable to copy from the Internet for papers, while more than half of students downloaded papers from special services and submitted them as their own.

Students are the least tolerant of getting ready-made research papers or dissertations. Only 7% and 4% of respondents consider it fully acceptable. But among the universities that took part in the survey, there is one in which nearly 30% of the students consider buying research papers acceptable.

Why do students buy ready-to-use research papers?

Students should be motivated to acquire quality knowledge and become a specialist in a chosen field of study. It is interesting that according to the survey data, the number of students who would not choose the same majors, that they are currently studying, in some schools amounts to 20 and even 25%.

The way the educational process is conducted at schools also plays an important role. Students do not always have a real opportunity to choose disciplines. Of course, the situation in different colleges is different. For example, in one university, 92% of the students participating in the study said that they had elective courses, while in another — only 32%.

Reasons to cheat 

The reason for cheating is that students do not see the value in the work they are doing and do not receive payback from the instructors. At two universities that took part in the study, nearly 20% of the students surveyed said they never or almost never understood how the instructors evaluated their work. At one university, nearly 30% of students said that the teachers never or hardly ever commented on their assignments and work. In other schools, such students number from 2 to 16%. Analyzing the problems with academic honesty in universities, the higher education institutions blame schools. 

Another equally important reason why students buy research papers is their fear of failing and not being able to get the grade they want. The tendency to buy ready-made papers is seen among students with low grades. They understand that they will not be able to cope with the work on their own and prefer to buy a ready-made article to free themselves from unnecessary troubles and worries. They don't think about the risks of being caught plagiarizing. Deadlines are another reason why students buy research papers. Everyone is young, and they know that often, students can get lost in time and not keep track of the moment when it becomes too late to write a paper. 

Why do students need to write research papers?

  • a prerequisite for study;
  • participation in grant competitions;
  • fighting for the status of the scholarship holder;
  • approbation of the results of the projects;
  • increasing the activity of the publications;
  • searching for writers, investors, and people of the same mind for projects.
  • In addition, writing any scientific paper and its publication is a useful experience and skill that increases the level of knowledge, confidence, and qualification. This is a great argument for the increase in scores.

You can not forget about the reputation of the image. Moreover, the research conducted by the student, especially if it is published in an authoritative source, has a beneficial effect on the reputation of the department and the entire educational institution.

Improvement of research skills

One of the most significant conclusions of writing a scientific paper is the obvious development of data collection techniques. In other words, direct participation in data collection allows the student to improve his knowledge of the discipline.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking, being one of the most valuable interpersonal communication skills both in the workforce and in the academic environment, is an integral part of any serious study. 

Exchange of ideas

Not only is collecting data important, but also spending a lot of time exchanging vital ideas with your instructor, peers, and teachers is costly. So if you're still not sure how to get on with writing research papers, try to think of the exchange of ideas as crucial to your general work.

Some may argue that most students are only able to write controversial articles with little academic value or relevance or none at all. However, young students can begin to develop their research skills in order to publish something relevant in the future. 

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