CSS Introduction

As a web designer; You need to know the basics about HTML & CSS, it's really important because without the combination knowledge of HTML and CSS you can’t design a well-arranged and beautiful web page.

What does CSS Mean?

Actually, CSS is the combination of three alphabets i.e. C (Cascading), S (Style), and S (Sheets). In simple words, it is some kind of technique by which you can define the style for HTML elements, which means How HTML elements look on the web page? What will be their color, size, location, etc?

Why do we use CSS?

The basic concept of CSS how to work it is define style for HTML elements. There are different kinds of element like <p>, <h>, <a>, <div>, etc all are the HTML elements. You can easily set these elements properties like color, font-size, mouse hover effect, etc just by using CSS.

  • To define color scheme
  • To define background color
  • To define font-size
  • To define width-height
  • To define padding, margin
  • To define position
  • To define mouse over effect
  • To define animation effects, etc.

Note: Not only basic things that’s you can change by using CSS. There are lot's of advanced properties available to be implemented in the web page by using CSS.

How does CSS look like?

The CSS code simply looks like example mentioned below: Only two things are important 1st HTML element identity for where you are going to write CSS code and 2nd property:value pairs as CSS code which will affect that HTML element looks.

Element Identity

Element identity is used to identify the particular HTML element or common type HTML elements from an entire HTML web page, the basic element identities are element name, id, class, etc. You can learn about HTML element identity in HTML selectors tutorial in deep.


What part of the selector will be affected?


How it will be affected?

Example of CSS

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