What is the head section of a website?


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<head> Section in a Website

The <head> section of a website contains metadata, linked resources, and other information that is crucial for search engines, browsers, and other tools to understand and process the webpage, for example:

Basic HTML Tags Used in <head> Section of Website

  • <title>: It is used to specify the title of the HTML document.
  • <meta>: It is used to define various metadata about the HTML document, such as character encoding, viewport settings for mobile responsiveness, author information, description, and keywords for search engines.
  • <link>: It is used to establish relationships between the current HTML document and external resources.
  • <style>: It is used to define CSS styles directly within the HTML document. CSS rules placed within the <style> tags will be applied to the content of the HTML document.
  • <script>: It is used to embed or reference JavaScript code within the HTML document.

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