Next-Gen VPNs: Innovations That Will Shape The VPN Technology

LAST READ: APR 15 2024 | Author: JESSICA

Innovations That Will Shape The VPN Technology

The increasing risks of cybersecurity attacks have made more and more people realize the importance of keeping their private information safe. As the threats develop, you’ll also need to have better tools to protect yourself. Older VPNs won’t be enough to fight those potential risks. 

So, what you need in this situation is the next-gen VPNs, the developed virtual private networks that are completed with better speed, greater accuracy, and advanced features. In this article, we’ll tell you about these Next-Gen VPNs that you can always depend on to fight a greater exposure of cybersecurity risks.

What Was Lacking in The Older VPNs

Yes, we know that it’s better to use a VPN rather than nothing at all. However, when we have the two VPN options at hand, we highly recommend opting for the next-gen instead as they can bring several unique benefits that make them more valuable. 

Let’s be real here, not all server connections in conventional VPNs are great. They often have such a high ping that makes the whole entertainment experience worse as the gaming will feel slower and you’ll always have to deal with the spinning circle every time you want to watch something on YouTube or Netflix.

The Decentralized VPNs

And now, everything seems to be changing when the dVPNs finally entered the market. As the name tells you, these VPNs work in a decentralized environment. It works differently compared to conventional VPNs.

When these VPNs often work by using a centralized server, the dVPNs use something that’s more reliable. So in case there are network problems happening, the structure will always be solid. 

Instead of relying on a singular server, these decentralized VPNs will use something called multi-hop technology. In the aspect of reliability, this technology is actually more reliable as it makes it possible to allow your connection to be channeled through multiple servers. So before reaching the endpoint, your connection will have to hop on several servers. Imagine it like a game of tag, with the tagger, the actual hacker, who would find it so difficult to track you down as you keep doing these hops. 

Aside from maintaining the connection speed, this technology is also quite effective if you desire to use something that can always protect your personal privacy. So if you desire extra protection, a VPN is the one you can always depend on. By purchasing VPN licenses, you basically support the development of the next-gen VPNs as well. Who knows, it could hit the mainstream soon.

Split Tunneling

Another kind of technology found within the decentralized VPNs is split tunneling. This technology makes it possible for users to configure with website or app should use the channeled VPN connection. This will leave the rest of them to use the original internet connection, which is basically unprotected.

Thanks to this technology, users may have better and more stable internet connections.

Zero-Trust Security Models Integration

Have you ever heard about the zero-trust security models? The decentralized VPNs use the same elements to make sure their online security remains secure. In this model, there’s no trust given to both inside and outside parties. That way, every time they want to access, they need to do the verification first.

This ability can be improved further as the next-gen VPNs are also able to use machine learning technology to keep evolving. By using the protocol, these VPNs can adapt to the network conditions and user behavior, which results in better security scanning by looking at unusual patterns.

Fast and Safe WireGuard Protocol

Another great benefit you may obtain from using the next-gen VPNs is the WireGuard protocol crafted from scratch. And, of course, this technology will trample the older VPN technologies over. On the other hand, the protocol may work fast and strong, which is basically what you need in any virtual network. 


As the next-gen VPNs may work in more complex compared to the conventional services, it’s really important for developers to make the system more user-friendly by allowing users to be connected to the best server as quickly as possible without hustle. The way it works is automatic, making the whole process totally easy, especially for beginners.

Also, these VPNs heavily support mobile phones, a tool that’s used by most people. They will support mobile devices first, and the others later.

Understanding The Challenges

However, the arrival of next-gen VPNs is certainly not problem-free. There are still some challenges that they need to overcome, especially in the early release. One troubling issue is heavily related to the government rules in limiting or even restricting VPN use. Some technical problems are also expected, and it’s really understandable.

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