Which CSS property does not influence the box model?

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Nauneet Vishkarma

06 March 2020

CSS Box-Model

The CSS Box- Model is used to create the design and layout of web pages including the help of some CSS box-model properties like positioning, box-sizing, margin, padding, border, border-radius, shadow, etc.

Box-Model Property Does Not Influence

"The CSS outline property is not part of the CSS Box Model. So, the Outlines does not take up any space. It is created with the outline properties is drawn 'OVER' a box, (i.e.) The outlines are always on top and does not influence the position or size of the box, or of any other boxes"

There are four edges required in a Box-Model:

  • Content Edge OR Inner Edge
  • Padding Edge (Padding-Top, Bottom, Left, Right)
  • Margin Edge (Margin-Top, Bottom, Left, Right)
  • Border Edge (Border, Border-Radius, etc.)

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