What is unemployment explain?



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What is an Unemployment?

What is an Unemployment? Why there is unemployment? The main culprit reason behind its population growth. The rate of job opportunities growing in the country does not keep pace with the rate of population growth. In many countries, unemployed people are given unemployment assistance every month.

Kinds or Type of Unemployment

  • Pure Unemployment - The person is willing to work but he/she could not find a gainful job called Pure unemployment.
  • Under Unemployment - The person is a postgraduate but he/she is forced to take up a menial job not befitting to his qualifications this situation is called under unemployment.
  • Seasonal Unemployment - It's agricultural workers get employment only in the season, it's called seasonal unemployment but nowadays agriculture going to change they using poly house, etc.
  • Cyclical Unemployment - Cyclical unemployment due to the slackening of demands for goods.
  • Technical Unemployment - Technical unemployment means staff reduction due to changes in technology.
  • Disguised Unemployment - Less work and more people. It's called disguised unemployment.

what is youth unemployment
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