How to Add Caption to A Video, Benefits of Videos Captions

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Article Explanation, Adding Captions to Videos

Looking at the full information on how to add captions to videos, then great this article is completely based on the "captions to add in video" topic. Here you can learn all possible ways how to add captions to videos. Okay, without wasting time, let's start the article with examples.

How to add captions to videos

Understanding, What are Captions & How it will work?

A caption is just a written form of content that you are speaking in the video in your own language but if you want then you can customize it in other languages at the same time by using some tools.

Adding captions to videos or adding subtitles to videos are the same. If are a Youtuber, blogger, food blogger, trainer, or directly engaged with people through video in that time using video captions helps you to reach a huge amount of people who belong to completely another language but if you have added a caption on your video such an English caption means you are giving a second way to understand you and your blog. Hope so, now you guys understand what exactly captions are.

How to Add Captions to videos

Many online tools such as Flixier, HappyScribe, and others are available that provide the platforms with how to add a caption to a video with the step-by-step process:

  • Record your video (save your video on your device)
  • Upload your video file (select your video file from where you saved it)
  • Upload the caption/subtitles file (click to autogenerate subtitles and wait for a few moments)
  • Download the video 

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