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Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin | Thai Actress

Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin, also known by the nickname "Namfah" is an actress and model who is working in the Thai television entertainment industry Since 2017. She was born on 8 July 2000 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Basic Profile Details of Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin

(Basic profile details of Namfah Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin including Biography, Full Name, Nickname, Nationality, Age, Date of Birth, Birth Place, Height, Weight, Gender, Occupation, Agent)

  • Full Name: Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin
  • Other Nickname: Namfah
  • Date of Birth:  July 8, 2000
  • Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Nationality: Thailand (Thai)
  • Occupation/Profession: Actress and Model
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Hobbies: Watching Youtube, singing, and playing sports & music
  • Favorite colors: White & Black
  • Agent: ??
  • Languages ---- Namfah Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin can speak languages fluently

namfah thunyaphat phatrathinchaicherin bio profile

Education & Qualification of Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin

About Namfah Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin's education and qualification, she is currently studying in the Communication Arts Department of Radio and Television Broadcasting at Bangkok University.

Acting Career of Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin

Namfah Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin's started her acting career as an actress with tv series "Sai Lub Jub Abb" in 2017 a supporting role since then she is present in the Thai entertainment industry.

TV Series of Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin

Boyfriend & Relationship of Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin

Looking for updates of Namfah Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin's current boyfriend and relationship then, actually, she is currently just 20 years old a good-looking and beautiful Thai actress so maybe she is currently dating someone BUT according to resources and our data record, she is currently single and she is not dating anyone right now.

And about Pond Naravit Lertratkosum's previous boyfriend and relationship, We do not have enough information right now but our team is working on this article to find all about information related to her boyfriend we will update this article again as soon as possible...!!!

namfah thunyaphat phatrathinchaicherin boyfriend family

Family of Namfah Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin

Here we can know about Namfah Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin's family and relatives, but sorry because currently, we do not have any updates related to his family members, siblings, parents & relatives, we will update as soon as possible...!!!!

Fan Following of Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin on Instagram 

Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin is much active and popular on social media platforms on Instagram. She has an official account with the username "@namfah_thunyaphat" where she has around 468.8k fans followers with a total number of 963 posts, the last update according to April 2021.

namfah thunyaphat phatrathinchaicherin education tv series

Net Worth of Namfah Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin

As you know that, Namfah Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin is a Thai television actress and model who is active in the Thai television industry since 2017 that's why she has a good net worth in 2020 and also her current net worth is growing significantly in 2021 and also in the upcoming years.

According to the various online resource updates, the viewers can check Namfah Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin's current net worth in another article just click the link and read the details of her current net worth --- Namfah Thunyaphat Phatrathinchaicherin current net worth.

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