Most Awaited Upcoming Thai BL & GL Drama Series in 2024


Upcoming Thai BL and GL Series in 2024

Hey everyone, hope you will probably be aware that BL means "Boys Love (romantic relationship between two boys)" and GL means "Girls Love (romantic relationship between two girls)". Particularly the Thai BL & GL series are incredibly popular nowadays, especially in Thailand. Maybe you have already watched many BL & GL series with amazing genres, that's why we're here to list some more upcoming Thai BL and GL series that are going to be released in 2024 and maybe some in 2025.

Note that maybe some series are currently ongoing, while others may have just finished airing recently in this month. However, our main focus is to highlight all upcoming Thai BL and GL series for 2024 and 2025, here is the list: You know in 2024 and 2025, more than the Thai BL series in the list to be released means that the year of 2025 is a very busy year to watch, if you are BL series lover and love to watch all series.

  1. Art Adore En
  2. Be My Favorite
  3. Bitter Sweet
  4. Buddy Line Y Animal
  5. 7 Times 4 Days
  6. Eye Contact
  7. Heart By Heart
  8. House Of Stars
  9. I Feel You Linger In The Air
  10. Love At First Sight
  11. Venus in the Sky
  12. Love Upon A Time
  13. Moments Of Love (released)
  14. Two Worlds
  15. The Next Prince
  16. The Theory
  17. Time
  18. Wall Of Dawn
  19. Wish Me Luck
  20. Wish You Luck
  21. We Are
  22. Universe Of Love
  23. Wandee Goodday
  24. Vampire Projects (My Brokali) 
  25. Boy Never Smiles
  26. Boyy Of God (released)
  27. Dear Dopamine
  28. Every You, Every Me
  29. Flirt Milk
  30. Fourever You
  31. Jack & Joker
  32. Kidnap
  33. Knock Knock, Boys!
  34. Limerence
  35. Love At First Sight
  36. Lovely Addict
  37. Love Puzzle
  38. Lover Merman
  39. Love Sea
  40. Love Sick (2024)
  41. Monster Next Door
  42. My Croissant
  43. My Golden Blood
  44. My Love Mix-Up!
  45. Only Boo!
  46. Red Peafowl
  47. Spirit Reborn
  48. Star Scope
  49. Sunset Vibes
  50. The Hidden Moon
  51. The Last Time
  52. The Trainee
  53. True Moon

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Released Thai bl & GL Series in 2023

Below is a compilation of the most anticipated Thai BL & GL series that were already released in 2023. This list is maintained according to data of all released Thai BLs through the Thai entertainment industry. We hope this list will assist you in discovering your favorite BL & GL series to watch today, with multiple subtitles along with English subtitles.

  1. Jun & Jun (Released)
  2. 23.5 (Released in 2024)
  3. Absolute Zero (Released)
  4. Buddy Line Y Animal
  5. Cooking Crush (Released in 2023)
  6. Dangerous Romance (Released)
  7. Hidden Agenda (Released)
  8. I Feel You Linger In The Air
  9. La Pluie (Released in 2023)
  10. Last Twilight (Released in 2023)
  11. Low Frequency (Released)
  12. Naughty Babe (Released)
  13. Only Friends (Released)
  14. Our Skyy Season 2 (Released)
  15. Step By Step 
  16. A Boss And A Babe (Released) 
  17. Bed Friend  (Released) 
  18. Love Syndrome 
  19. Past Senger 
  20. Future  
  21. Chains Of Heart 
  22. Destiny Seeker 
  23. Tin Tem Jai

Thai GL Series Released, Upcoming in 2024

  1. GAP (2023)
  2. 23.5 (March 2024)
  3. Show Me Love (2023)
  4. The Loyal Pin (2024) Genres: DramaRomanceHistorical | Star Cast: Rebecca ArmstrongFreen SarochaSaint Suppapong | Full Info: Full Cast, Story, Links to Watch

The Loyal Pin Upcoming Thai GL Drama_1

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