The Most Anticipated Upcoming Thai BL & GL Drama Series in 2023

Manisha Verma | Checked On: 28 April 2023

Ongoing & Upcoming Thai BL and GL Series in 2023

Hey Guys, you know very well nowadays people love to watch the BL (Boys Lover) and GL (Girls Lover) series, especially the Thai BL & GL series. Hope that you guys also love to watch the Bl and Gl series. So, here trying to maintain a list that guides you to find the best Thai bl and GL series to watch right now.

In this mentioned series list, Maybe some BL & GL series are currently ongoing or some series maybe just completed in months, but our main target is to mention all upcoming Thai BL & GL series 2023.

Upcoming Thai BL Dramas_1_2

Full List of Upcoming & Ongoing Thai bl Series in 2023

This list has a total of 34 bl series and is maintained according to the month of February so maybe some series are currently released and some series may be ongoing.

  1. 23.5
  2. Absolute Zero
  3. Art Adore En
  4. Be My Favorite
  5. Bitter Sweet
  6. Buddy Line Y Animal
  7. Cooking Crush
  8. Dangerous Romance
  9. Eye Contact
  10. Heart By Heart
  11. Hidden Agenda
  12. House Of Stars
  13. I Feel You Linger In The Air
  14. La Pluie
  15. Last Twilight
  16. Love At First Sight
  17. Low Frequency
  18. Venus in the Sky
  19. Love Upon A Time
  20. Make A Wish
  21. Middleman’s Love
  22. Moments Of Love
  23. Naughty Babe
  24. Only Friends
  25. Our Skyy Season 2
  26. Step By Step
  27. The Next Prince
  28. The Theory
  29. Time
  30. Wall Of Dawn
  31. Wish Me Luck
  32. Wish You Luck

list of upcoming bl series

Upcoming & Released Thai GL Series in 2023

  1. GAP
  2. 23.5
  3. Show Me Love

list of upcoming gl series

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