How many Korean dramas are Hindi dubbed?

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22 May 2020


Goodbye to Goodbye is a South Korean television drama series that officially premiered in May 2018 on MBC TV original network. And it is currently available in the Hindi & Urdu language on the site named Zee5 in India. If the viewers want to watch it now in Hindi then visit the site Zee5 once, here all episodes are available now.

Basic Drama Details of Goodbye To Goodbye

  • Full Name of Drama: Goodbye To Goodbye
  • Original of Country: South Korea 
  • Original Languages: Korean
  • Dubbed: Hind & Urdu, English Subtitles
  • Number Of Episodes: 40 Episodes
  • Released Date: May 26, 2018 - August 4, 2018
  • Aired On Day: Every Saturday
  • Original Network - MBC TV Network
  • Running Time Duration:30 Minutes/Episode

Cast & Crew List of Goodbye to Goodbye

Synopsis of "Goodbye to Goodbye" Drama

The story of Goodbye to Goodbye Korean television drama is based on two women who came to live together following the betrayals of their partners.

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06 March 2020

My Little Boby | South Korean

My Little Boby is one of the new South Korean dramas which is dubbed in Hindi recently. The first episode was aired from 5 March 2016 to 23 April 2016 on the original network MBC in South Korea but it was recently dubbed in Hindi. The drama series has a total number of 16 episodes in the first season with a running time duration of 35 minutes/episode.

"My Little Boby" has multiples genres including comedy, romance, and family drama & Currently all episodes are available in Hindi on the YOUTUBE channel. If the viewers are interested then watch all the episodes.

Cast & Crews List of My Little Boby

Synopsis of "My Little Boby" Drama

Cha Jung-Han (Oh Ji-Ho) is a detective for a special investigation team. He is busy with investigating violent cases including drugs and gangs, but one day he takes in his niece Eun-Ae and struggles to raise her. Han Ye-Seul (Lee Soo-Kyung) is a single mother who raises her 5-years-old son alone. She is Cha Jung-Han’s, first love.

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15 November 2019

My First Love | Korean Drama

Watch all the episodes of "My First Love" South Korean drama in Hindi and Urdu dubbed. It is also known as the name of "Pahle Pyar Main". If viewers are interested to watch then visit the "YouTube" channel, where all episodes are available in Hindi dubbed. 

"My First Love" South Korean drama is available on MX Player dubbed in Hindi retitled as "MELTING HEART" visit and watch today.

Synopsis of "My First Love" Drama

"My First Love" is a fantasy South Korean television drama series that was released in 2018. The drama story is based on the webtoon by the same title, which was released in 2015. My First Love aired on OCN's Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:00 (KST) time slot from January 8 to February 6, 2018, for ten episodes.

Cast & Crew List As Main Role

  • Lee Jung-shin
  • Seo Ji-hoon
  • Lee Yeol-Eum

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Fatima Khan

08 July 2019

Top 8 Most Popular Korean Drama

Here, Are the top 8 most popular South Korean dramas that are available in Hindi and Urdu language. The complete list is mentioned below one by one:

  1. Boys Over Flower
  2. Descendant Of The Sun
  3. Rooftop Prince
  4. Maharani - "Maharani is a mythological love story drama"
  5. Hamesha - "Unexpected Love Story Like (A Eternal Love)"
  6. Wo Jo Kehde Mujhe or "Hiers"
  7. Pyaar Ka Jadu
  8. Bread Love

Watch "Boys Over Flower" and "Descendant Of The Sun" both K-Drama in Hindi on Zee5. If you are interested to watch then try once to watch both dramas, it's a really very nice and full romantic drama. But when Korean drama dubbed in Hindi that time some background music is not visible that is the problem in Korean dramas when it's going to Hindi dubbed, no problem voice is completely able to listen & understand so try to watch once on Zee5.

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Anamika Verma

22 August 2019

The Descendant Of The Sun

Hey Guys! A few days back I watched 'The Descendant Of The Sun' K-Drama, in short, It is a one of the famous South Korean drama. I can say that it is the best Korean drama forever when I have seen it. The drama has multiples genres including romance, action, melodrama means a complete box of entertainment.

It has a total number of 17 episodes and the best part is drama is available in Hindi dubbed on Zee5. On Zee5, There is the Zee Zindagi channel in that you will find the Korean drama Hindi dub channel. The viewers can watch all episodes of the drama.

The viewers can also watch Boys Over Flower K-Drama, it is also a good South Korean drama. "Boys Over Flower" is some old drama but still, you will love it. The drama has contains around 25 episodes including two seasons.

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Jehon Devid

22 August 2019

My Love From The Star - It was released in 2013, and the total episodes of the drama are 21.

The genre of the show - Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi, the story based on an alliance and an actress love story, it is full fantasy drama.

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Rima Wadhwa

27 July 2019

Full House 2004 - Romantic Comedy Drama

Secret Garden (Pyar Ka Jadu)

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