Apartment 7A: Full Cast List, Release Date, Budget, Collection, Filming Locations, and Updates

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Apartment 7A

Apartment 7A is a Natalie Erika James-directed upcoming American psychological thriller-horror film. The film story is inspired by the novel "Rosemary's Baby", the film story followed a young dancer who rents a room (Apartment 7A) from an elderly couple, and from here the sequence of thriller and horror starts.

To know the release date, full cast list, budget, filming status and location, and other recent updates on the film Apartment 7A follow the full article.

Apartment 7A American Thriller Horror Film

Apartment 7A Release Date, Updates, Filming Locations...

Get the recent news & updates on the film Apartment 7A, and also find out the confirmed release date of the movie.

  • The budgeting and planning of the movie Apartment 7A have been completed.
  • The final touch of the story has been completed.
  • The final cast selection has been done.
  • There is no recent update about the current filming status of the film Apartment 7A.
  • The release date of the horror-thriller film Apartment 7A is not announced yet.

Apartment 7A Budget & Collection

Get the latest updates on the budget and collection of the movie Apartment 7A.

  • Apartment 7A is a mid-budget range movie.
  • The final budget of the film is not disclosed yet.
  • Since the movie is yet to be released so there is nothing to mention about its collection.

Apartment 7A Full Cast List

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