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Sirikorn Kananuruk, also known by his nickname "Bruce" is a Thai television actor and model who has stabled his acting career as an actor in the Thai entertainment industry since 2015. Bruce is most work in all the television series as a supporting role.

Bruce Sirikorn was born on 2nd February 1993 in Thailand. He is also working in the fashion industry as a model and promoting brands in the fashion industry along with an acting career.

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Basic Profile Details of Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk

(Basic profile details of Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk including Biography, Full Name, Nickname, Nationality, Age, Date of Birth, Birth Place, Height, Weight, Gender, Occupation, Agent)

Acting Career of Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk

Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk made his acting debut as an actor with the television series "Club Friday The Series Season 5: Secret of a Heart That Doesn't Exist" in 2015 as one of the supporting role names Earth. Since then he is active in the Thai entertainment industry and recently he cast in the Popular BL series "Lovely Writer" (2021).

Education & Qualification of Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk

About Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk's education and qualification, currently, our team is not able to find any details related to his education so it will update as soon as... Actually, he never mentioned information related to his education and qualification on any social media platform as well as in any public media talk. 

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Popular TV Series of Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk

  1. Club Friday The Series Season 5: Secret of a Heart That Doesn't Exist (2015)
  2. Songkram Yeng Poo To Be Continued: Secret of a Heart That Doesn't Exist (2016)
  3. i-Stories (2018)
  4. Lovely Writer (2021) ----- See the full list of TV series of Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk

Family & Relatives of Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk

About Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk's family members, We do not have enough information related to his family members including parents, siblings, and relatives, we will try to reupdate this article as soon as possible...if get information of his family members.

Girlfriend & Relationship of Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk

Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk is a handsome, good-looking, and talented Thai actor so maybe he is currently dating someone BUT according to resources, news, and our data records, he is currently single and he is not dating anyone right now.

BUT about Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk's previous girlfriend and relationship, we do not have enough details right now maybe he was in relation to someone but we are not sure about this it's maybe BUT our team is working on this article we will update this article again as soon as possible...!!!

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Current Net Worth of Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk

As we mentioned Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk is a hard-working and talented Thai actor and model who is working in the Thai television entertainment industry since 2015 that's why he has a good net worth in 2021 and also his current net worth is growing significantly in the upcoming years.

According to the various online resources updates, you can check Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk current net worth in another article if you are interested then just click the mentioned link in this line and read all about his current net worth --- Read all about Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk current net worth just click here

Fans of Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk on Social Media

Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk is much active and popular on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube but here we are trying to mention only the details of his Instagram account.

Bruce Sirikorn Kananuruk has an official Instagram account with the username Bruce Kananurak "(@bruzebruze)" where he has around 103K fan followers with the number of 1652 posts, this list mentioned according to May 19th, 2021.

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