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Lovely Writer (2021) | Thai BL Series

"Lovely Writer" is a Thai Romantic television BL series produced by Dee Hup House production company. Officially, the series is released on Channel 3 and Tencent Video's original network from 24 February 2021 to 12 May 2021 with a running time duration of 65 minutes every episode.

Basic Profile Details of "Lovely Writer" Series

  • Name of Series: Lovely Writer
  • Other Name: 'Lovely Writer: The series', Dozens to Kiss, Count to Ten and I'll Kiss You, Nubsib Will Kiss
  • Director By Tee Sintanaparadee
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • Original Language: Thai
  • Subtitles: English Subtitle
  • Number of Episodes: 12 Episodes
  • Release Date: February 24, 2021 - May 12, 2021
  • Running Time Duration: 65 Minutes/Episodes
  • Original Network: Channel 3 and Tencent Video
  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Writer
  • Production Company: Dee Hup House Production Company

Cast & Credit List of "Lovely Writer" Series

Synopsis of "Lovely Writer" Series

The story about is how Gene (who is a popular writer) gets deceived by the 20-year-old guy named Nubsib, who comes to audition for the lead role pretending to be polite and good-natured when he is a wolf in reality through and through.

Gene is a writer by profession who is one day given a request by his publisher to try his hand at a new type of genre, which is Boys Love. Accepting this new challenge, Gene writes and publishes a Y novel that is well received and becomes incredibly successful. So successful that it even gets made into a BL drama.

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