What Should I Write My Common App Essay On: Best Tips

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Best Tips for Common App Essay

Common App Essay or Common Application Essay is a type of paper that every entrant should write when applying to college or university. For such assignments, there is no specific topic. In common app essays, future students should write about who they are. And no one tells you how exactly to do it.

Common App Essay

Basic Requirements for the Good Common App Essay

The main goal of an excellent common application paper is to demonstrate your personal self. By the rules, you should do it in the 650 words maximum text. The finished work must be unique (it means, include no plagiarism), readable, written in English, without grammar, lexical, and spelling mistakes.

You should need to understand that a common app essay is not a CV or motivational letter. So, do not describe your biography; better tell the story that can show your personality:

  • About your main interest; Why it is your interest? how it has become your interest? how it interacts with your goals? etc...
  • About things that changed you like failures, challenges, or critical moments in life. It is important to explain how exactly they affected you.
  • About the problem, you have solved. Why it was important and how you came up with the solution? etc...

The experts of the write my essay online service aplusessay.com/write-for-me.html they have a lot of experience in writing common application papers. So they share their tricks and best tips on how to describe yourself, what should be the main point in such a text, etc.

Tips for Writing Common App Essay Like a Professional Writer

#1 Define your main characteristics and think about what could make you the person you are now

  • Think about which adjectives you would use to describe yourself perhaps you are first of all funny or thoughtful or ambitious.
  • Open the list of adjectives and choose the ones that are about you Or ask your friends what 3-5 words they would use to describe you.
  • Then start thinking about why you are like this, for example, fun, because you love to make people happy since childhood and you always liked how your mother starts to smile at your jokes. Here's a story for you, tell it in an essay.

#2 Do not take a broad topic or a complex story, it must be simple and understandable

  • You may think that the previous example is very simple. But it's important to choose a simple story, which you can describe and explain in 650 words because if you take too broad a subject, it is unlikely that you will be able to tell it coherently and easily.

#3 Find enough time both for writing and editing

  • Urgent essays are rarely successful if they are not written by pro writers. It takes time to understand what to write about, and then write it well. And here's another stage that everyone often forgets about - proofreading and editing the text. Leave a couple of days for the essay to lie away from your eyes, and you can later take it critically.

Can I Ask Someone to Write My Essay For Me For Money

Yes, you can. But if you have decided that you want to get a paid common app essay, better to order it from a professional service like writing my essay for me site APlusEssay. Your friend can help you for free but can not guarantee you the quality of the work. On the other side, there are many write my essays services that offer cheap essays and still are non-top rated and reliable. So how to choose a good website where you can find a helper?

  • First of all, it must be legit and confidential. It is okay if the service is affordable (for example, there are low tariffs at APlusEssay). Still, it must not be too cheap. The sale at the site is also okay.
  • Second, check if the service managers hire experts that are really professional that they can do not only essays but any custom assignment, even dissertation.
  • And the last one, read the reviews. Many students need fast papers, so it is important to make sure that everything will be done in the right term.

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