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Miracle (2023) | Taiwanese Series

The Miracle (2023) also known as Dear To Me is a Taiwanese romantic and comedy BL drama. The drama screen is written by the popular screenwriter Lin Pei Yu whereas actors Benjamin Tsang and Stan Huang played the lead characters in the drama.

Here you will know all about the Taiwanese drama "Miracle" including its basic profile, full cast list, creators list, release date, and the information related to how you can watch this drama online with subtitles.

Miracle (2023) Taiwanese Drama Synopsys (Plot, Story)

In the drama, Bai Zong Yi (Benjamin Tsang) is a talented and hardworking young person who has academics and is determined to practice medicine whereas Fan Ze Rui is a gangster who doesn't know what to do in his life. Due to some event, Bai Zong Yi has to keep Fan Ze Rui at his home which makes things difficult for Bai Zong Yi. Due to some events, their life changed forever and they started to enjoy each other's company. To know more about the drama plot, you should watch the drama.

Miracle (2023) Taiwanese Drama Basic Profile

  • Drama Name: Miracle
  • Other Name: Dear To Me
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Total Episodes: NA
  • Running Time: NA
  • Original Network: NA
  • Original Language: Taiwanese (Mandarin)
  • Genres: Romance, BLx, LGBTQ+, Comedy
  • Subtitles: English, Hindi, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Urdu, Filipino, Tagalog, etc.

Miracle (2023) Taiwanese Drama Creators (Crew) List

The screen of Taiwanese drama Miracle (2023) is written by the talented female screenwriter Lin Pei Yu who has written the screen of popular dramas like  Best Interest (2019), HIStory3: Trapped (2019), Bromance (2015), We Best Love: No. 1 For You (2021), etc. The complete creator's list is not announced yet however the available creator's list of the Taiwanese Drama Light (2023) is mentioned below.

  • Director: NA
  • Screenwriter: Lin Pei Yu
  • Production: NA
  • Original Network: NA

Miracle (2023) Taiwanese Drama Full Cast List

In the drama, Benjamin Tsang and Stan Huang are the lead cast and their characters' names are Bai Zong Yi and Fan Ze Rui respectively. The full cast list of the drama is now disclosed yet however, the available cast list is mentioned below.

Miracle (2023) Taiwanese Drama Release Date, News, Updates

About the release date of the Thai Taiwanese Drama Miracle (2023), there is no official date announced yet, however, it is expected to be released in early 2023. After the official release date announcement, we will provide full details here, so keep checking for our next update.

Where To Watch Miracle (2023) Taiwanese Drama With Eng Sub?

The Taiwanese drama Miracle (2023) is yet to be released, once it gets aired we will provide full details that how you can watch this drama online with subtitles.

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