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Zhang Zhe Han

Zhang Zhe Han

Zhang Zhe Han is one of the most admired Chinese actors and singers. He has received several accolades and honors for his exceptional acting skills. He is best known for his exceptional acting in dramas like Word of Honor (2021), Legend of Yun Xi (2018), etc.

He started his acting career in 2014, and his hard work and dedication established him as a leading actor from a supporting actor in the Chinese entertainment industry. There are many mysterious surprising facts about Zhang Zhe Han, you might be shocked by knowing them. The article also covers the basic details about the actor including his personal and professional works such as Zhang Zhe Han's biography, education, career, awards, girlfriend, family & relationship, wife, etc.

Zhang Zhe Han Biography & Profile

Zhang Zhe Han was born on 11 May 1991 in Xinyu, Jiangxi, China. He earned his graduation degree from Shanghai Theatre Academy and debuts his acting career in 2010 with the Chinese drama "Why Love You", which was a supporting role. In 2015, he received his first leading role in the drama "Legend of Ban Shu" for the character of "Wei Ying". He has worked with the latent agencies Huanyu Film and Zhang Zhehan Studio and as of now, he is working for Pulin Production.

  • Full Name: Zhang Zhe Han
  • Other/Nickname:Zhang Zhehan, Xiao Zhe, Zhe Han
  • Date of Birth: May 11, 1991
  • Place of Birth: Xinyu, Jiangxi, China
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Ethnicity: Han Chinese
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation/Profession: Actor, Singer
  • Active Year: 2010-present
  • Height: 182 CM
  • Weight: 71 Kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Agency: Pulin Production

Top 10 Drama and Tv Shows of  Zhang Zhe Han 

Zhang Zhe Han started her acting career in 2010 and over the years he has done more than 40+ dramas, movies, and tv shows. Zhang Zhe Han has done several remarkable dramas and tv shows, his must-watch dramas, movies, and tv shows are listed below.

  1. Word of Honor (2021)
  2. The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion (2020)
  3. Happy Mitan (2016)
  4. Nirvana in Fire (2015)
  5. Brother (2019)
  6. Legend of Yun Xi (2018)
  7. Ban Shu Legend (2015)
  8. Decoded (2016)
  9. Memory Lost (2016)
  10. Demon Girl 2 (2016)

Zhang Zhe Han Upcoming Drama and Tv Shows

Zhang Zhe Han is a successful and desired actor of the present time, He has many projects on his hand. All upcoming dramas, movies, and tv shows of actor Zhang Zhe Han are listed below.

Zhang Zhe Han Awards & Nominations

Zhang Zhe Han has won and received several awards and nominations for his spectacular acting skills. In 2021, he was honored Weibo Movie Night Awards in the category of "most watched/followed actor of the year". All awards and nominations of Zhang Zhe Han are mentioned below.

  • 2018 Uno Young Awards: Annual Potential Actor (Won)
  • 2019 Actors Please Take Your Place: Most Recognized Actor
  • 2019 Cadillac Weibo Movie Night Awards: Most Anticipated New Power in Movies
  • 2020 Weibo Night Awards (2019): Enterprising Artist of the Year
  • 2021 Weibo Movie Night Awards: Most Watched/Followed Actor of the Year

Zhang Zhe Han Education (Qualification)

Zhang Zhe Han was born and raised in Xinyu, which is a city in Jiangxi provenance of China. He did his schooling in his home city, however, he never disclosed his schooling. From his childhood, he was obsessed with the entertainment industry and he wanted to become a successful actor.

After completing his initial schooling and high school he attended Shanghai Theatre Academy where he groomed his acting and singing skills that helped him to achieve his dignity.

Zhang Zhe Han Family

Zhang Zhe Han was born in a middle-class family, his mother's name is Zhang Zhe and at present, she is a businesswoman. His father's identity is still not public and is supposed to be a businessman. Zhang Zhe Han doesn’t have any siblings.

  • Mother: Zhang Zhe
  • Father: Zhao Haihua
  • Brother: No Brother
  • Sister: No Sister

Zhang Zhe Han Family

Zhang Zhe Han Current Net Worth

Zhang Zhe Han is a popular name in the Chinese entertainment industry. Being a professional actor is the primary resource of his earnings. He does commercials for more than 15+ top Chinese brands, and the earnings from commercials also contribute a hefty amount to his net worth.

Zhang Zhe Han officially never disclosed any information about his net worth in the public domain, however, according to unofficial resources his current net worth is estimated somewhere between $3.5 million to $5 million.

Zhang Zhe Han Business

He belongs to a business family background, his mother and father both are involved in the business sector whereas Zhang Zhe Han loves his acting career and for the time being does not wants to involve in other businesses. He has many business ideas for the future but as of now he just wants to concentrate on his acting profession. In the future, we will provide more precise and authentic information about his upcoming future business.

Zhang Zhe Han Facts, Hobbies & LifeStyle

The below list contains the all interesting and unknown facts about actor Zhang Zhe Han, it also contains information about his hobbies, car, house, and about his lifestyle.

  • He was born on  May 11, 1991.
  • Zhang Zhe Han's mother sold her house for his education.
  • He is very close to his mother.
  • Zhang Zhe Han doesn’t have any siblings.
  • He started learning piano at the age of five.
  • Her mother forced him to learn piano whereas he wasn't want to learn it.
  • Since his childhood, he was interested in artistic works and he wanted to be an actor.
  • His parents were not happy when he decided to take the road of art in high school.
  • In childhood, he ran away from home for a while.
  • Zhang Zhe Han graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy.
  • He likes to travel to different places.
  • Zhang Zhe Han likes tea and spicy food.
  • He loves to play basketball with his friends.
  • He loves pets, he has a dog named Luffy.
  • A well-mannered and cute girl is his ideal type.
  • He got blacklisted by the China Association of Performing Arts.

Zhang Zhe Han Languages

His official language is Mandarin although he can speak and understand several other languages. Mandarin is his primary & mother language, he is proficient and fluent in the Mandarin language, and he uses this language in his general communication and for writing purposes.

Zhang Zhe Han is also proficient in the English language, he can fluently speak and understand this language. Rather than previously mentioned two languages, he has been spotted using Japanese and Korean language words but it is not sure how proficient he is in these languages.

Zhang Zhe Han Girlfriend

Over the years, Zhang Zhehan has been spotted with several actresses who are rumored to be her girlfriends. In the past during an interview, he revealed that he has been in relationships with more than three girls although he never disclosed their names. All rummers about Zhang Zhe Han's girlfriends are mentioned below.

  • During his college, he dated a girl named Xu Jiawen. The couple's intimate photo was got viral on social media.
  • Esther Yu was suspected to be her second girlfriend.
  • Zhang Zhe Han has been spotted with Jiang Mengjie who was his co-actress in the drama "Above the Clouds".
  • It is rumored that Zhang Zhe Han and Yang Rong were in a relationship.
  • Zhang Zhe Han and Ju Jingyi have been spotted several times while hanging out together.  The couple has many intimate photos on internet media.
  • Wang Peiwen's name is also called on his girlfriend's list.

In conclusion, there may be some reality in the above-mentioned gossip, since Zhang Zhe Han never announced anything about his girlfriend so these can be just rumors. As of now, there is no confirmation about his relationship whether he is dating someone or not.

Zhang Zhe Han Girlfriend

Zhang Zhe Han Wife & Kids

Zhang Zhe Han is unmarried yet so he does not have a wife. He also does not have either biological or adopted kids. In the future when he gets married, we will mention all details about his wife so keep waiting for our next update.

  • Wife: Unmarried Yet
  • Kids: No Kids

Zhang Zhe Han Social Media

He Feng Tian is a popular personality on Chinese social media, he has thousands of followers on Weibo, Zhang Zhe Han's all social media accounts are listed below.

  • Weibo
  • Douban
  • WTV1

Zhang Zhe Han Controversy & News

This section contains all recent updates and news about Zhang Zhe Han, it also contains all controversies related to the actor. Let's see all updates, news, and controversy related to the actor point by point.

  • After posting some photos on his social media account he was accused to be pro-Japan.
  • The photos were taken in front of Japanese shrines honoring the military officers and war criminals.
  • After this controversy, he got blacklisted by the China Association of Performing Arts.
  • His social media accounts on Sina Weibo, Douban, Douyin, etc. are also got removed.
  • After this controversy, there is no new update found about Zhang Zhe Han.

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