The 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses in 2024


top 20 most popular Chinese actresses

Popular Chinese Actress (TV & Film)

There are many beautiful actresses currently active in the Chinese entertainment industries including both television and film. The Chinese entertainment industry has always been brimming with beautiful actresses with exude style, grace, and talent.

List of Top 20 Beautiful Chinese Actresses

Here is the list of the top 20 beautiful Chinese actresses that are mentioned according to the research of various online platform that totally works for Chinese entertainment industries.

  1. Shen Yue
  2. Zhang Ziyi
  3. Zhao Wei
  4. Zhou Xun
  5. Fan Bingbing
  6. Li Bingbing
  7. Wang Likun
  8. Yang Mi
  9. Liang Jie
  10. Liu Yifei
  11. Zhang Yuxi
  12. Zhu Xudan
  13. Gao Yuanyuan
  14. Liu Tao
  15. Liu Shishi
  16. Victoria Song
  17. Gina Jin
  18. Chen Yuqi
  19. Zhou Dongyu
  20. Dilraba Dilmurat

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