What are the Prices for Security Cameras Installation in Australia?




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Costs Vs. Configuration: Comparing Security Cameras Installation Prices In Australia

When it comes to choosing a security system or security cameras, the cost is one of the primary considerations. We all want to get a reasonable quote and receive the top services and products for the money we pay. But what are the current price lists for decent sets of cameras and accompanying equipment? Let’s look closer at the market and see what you can get for a moderate or not-so-moderate compensation. Systems can differ in configuration and capacities, and so will the prices.

A Single-Camera

Yes, a single security camera is a solution if your property is not that big. A good camera (even of HD quality) with a night vision option that connects to a computer via Wi-Fi will cost you around $100-200. If you mount it yourself, you don’t pay anything beyond that cost. If you need installation services, the price may go up by approximately $50, depending on your particular area.

Set of cameras connected to a recorder or a cloud storage

4 cameras with high resolution and the weatherproof casing will cost you around $1000-1500, but this sum also includes installation works and additional devices. Namely, you will receive a DVR with ample storage space and a dedicated app for installation on your phone. Video will be saved in the storage space and will be available for simultaneous streaming on your phone or tablet remotely.

Set of cameras connected to a smart home base and cloud storage

The difference between the previous sample kit and this one is that this camera kit runs without wires and connects to a smart home base via Wi-Fi. Instead of DVR, video is stored on the cloud, and cameras are powered by batteries (usually rechargeable). The cost of such a system may be around $500-1000, but the relative inexpensiveness is explained by the number of cameras included. There may be 2 or 3 cameras instead of four. Hence, clarify this matter in advance, if you buy a kit with a smart home base and it looks surprisingly cheap.

Set of HD cameras with a recorder and app-based control and monitoring

4 HD cameras with a night vision feature and a recorder with 1TB of space will amount to $1450-2000, but no home base will be supplied. Installation should be included in the quote, in this case. So basically, you receive a good set of cameras and a storage device. Naturally, they are provided with an app that will let you monitor the situation back home from any distance or place (under the condition of available Wi-Fi).

Set of HD cameras with DVR, a monitor, and a dedicated app

That’s a more lucrative option since a dedicated monitor will allow you to keep an eye on the premises without collapsing the windows you work in (or play in). Two HD cameras, a DRV, a big monitor, an app, and installation will cost you around $1400. 4 HD cameras with the same set of devices and services will total up to $1800-1900. So if you are looking for a good security camera system that covers it all but does not cost a fortune, look for a similar configuration.

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