How To Choose an IT Outsourcer: Tips and Tricks

How To Choose an IT Outsourcer

The modern world gives us limitless possibilities in choosing companies to work with. We will discuss what to look for when choosing a partner company. 

Have you decided to outsource your company's IT department, either completely or partially? Have you realized that it's time to automate your business, scale your company or go crypto? Then you should remember some tips that will help you trust the company and get into the hands of a reliable partner.

5 factors that will help you choose an IT outsourcer

The age of the outsourcer company, the scale of the business, and its reputation. 

A company with some experience has an established reputation. It can easily be traced back to the number of clients and their feedback. Often, IT outsourcing is one of the areas of a group of companies that specializes in the outsourcing of business processes.

Guarantees and commitments. 

The contract between the parties must reflect all the issues which relate to the provision of its services. A service level agreement (SLA), as well as a confidentiality agreement (NDA), is mandatory. The comprehensiveness of services.

IT outsourcing is a vast area of activity. 

It includes a huge range of services: from computer hardware supply and its correct operation setting, conducting IT audits,  installation and maintenance of data protection systems to outsourcing solidity development.

If a client company has narrow specialization - this will lead to the fact that it will have to address each issue with different outsourcers. Either way, it will only lead to inconvenience.

It is better to look straight away at a company that provides the full range of services needed for your business.

Modern tools: 

A monitoring service and HelpDesk system. Monitoring service is an essential technical tool for an outsourcer. It has to work 247 and 365 days a year. Such a service takes care of most of the routine work, leaving specialists with the energy and time to develop the customer's infrastructure.

HelpDesk is an online system for logging escalation calls among engineers and alerts for users. The absence of this system deprives you of the ability to understand a clear picture of what is happening within the company.

Pay attention also to what incident reporting channels are available to you. Ideally, this should not only be via email or dispatch. Both the customer's account and the service chatbot systems should be used, which gives more freedom and speed.

Speed of first contact. 

When you search for an outsourcing company on such a company's website, you will have the opportunity to send a request for an initial consultation. If within the first 24 hours, the company gives you a reply - there is every chance to continue the dialogue with it further. On the other hand, if you don't get an answer within the first 24 hours, you should stop communicating with such a company. Even after you have signed the contract, there is no guarantee that their response rate will increase.

Checklist for an IT outsourcer

Once you have identified potential service providers - invite them to a meeting. This way they will have the opportunity to get to know your company and answer their questions. We have prepared a checklist of questions to ask the IT-outsourcing representative during the meeting.

  • How many technical staff will be involved in the maintenance of your company?
  • Will you have a manager responsible for working with the company?
  • What support time is provided, according to the contract?
  • How will you know the status of work on open calls?
  • How much support (on-site and remote) is included in the monthly fee and how quickly is it provided?
  • How often will you receive a report on the work done?
  • How will the outsourcer monitor and control company systems?
  • What will be included in the list of services?

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