Which are the top 10 Indian companies in USA?




Indian companies in the USA

Indian companies in the USA

India is an emerging technology and manufacturing hub in South Asia, the country is also called the world's pharmacy. In recent decades India has shown the highest growth rate in the world, India is rapidly increasing the number of its unicorns. India is the 7th largest trading partner of the United State and it is assumed that in the next few years India will be somewhere on number 3, or 4. There are more than 200+ Indian-origin multinational companies are present in the USA that has invested more than $22 billion in the country and generating more than 125000 jobs in the United States across the 50 states in the country. Texas, California, New Jersey, New York, and Florida are the most preferred places by the Indian corporates for establishing their businesses in the USA.

India and United States Corporate Relationship

In 2020 seven businesses under its management generated over $530 billion, which is more than the GDP of all but 40 countries. The list includes Sundar Pichai, the chief executive officer at Google Alphabet and the CEO of Google. These seven companies with Indian American Presidents generated more than $530bn in 2018 and exceeded the total GDP of nearly 40 countries. But in the 1980s there were few Indian American executives.

Top 10 Indian companies in the USA

The below list is the list of the top 10 Indian companies in the USA, Let's go threw the list.

  1. TCS
  2. Infosys
  3. Wipro
  4. HCL Tech
  5. Tech Mahindra
  6. Mphasis
  7. Mindtree
  8. FreshWorks
  9. Old Monk
  10. Zydus Cadila

The above list is the list of the top 10 Indian companies that are operating their business in the USA, in the list, most of the companies are software and technology companies, Zydus Cadila is a pharmaceutical company and Old Monk Rum is an iconic vatted Indian dark rum, launched in 1954.

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