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Top 10 Email Marketing Companies in Puducherry

Email Marketing Companies in Puducherry

There are more than 50+ email marketing companies in Puducherry (Pondicherry), This page contains the list of the top 10 best email marketing companies in Puducherry. This list is prepared based on the company's service qualities, email marketing success rate, and price affordability (Better service at a lower price). I will also mention the second way of email marketing technique which has high results and very less pricing as compared to local email marketing companies.

If you are hiring an email marketing company then trust is the most important factor because you are sharing your data (clients, customers records) with some other companies, the companies may misuse (selling data, stealing data) your client data which can badly impact your business (You might lose your client/customers) but it all depends upon company to company many companies provide their services with loyalty.

How does Email Marketing work?

You contact a company and give them your clients/customers' data (email) and money according to their emailing plans and these companies send business emails to your customers or clients on your behalf.

Two Ways of Email Marketing

There are two types of companies that you can hire for email marketing.

  1. Local Email Marketing Companies
  2. Online Global Email Marketing Companies

Below I'm going to discuss the good and bad points about these two types of email marketing companies.

Advantages of Local Email Marketing Companies

  • You can physically meet them and discuss your plan.
  • You just have to provide your email list and money to them and the rest of them will do everything.

Drawbacks of Local Email Marketing Companies

  • They are too much expensive.
  • They can share (sell) your data without your permission.
  • May have a lack of proper email tracking tools.
  • May have an average or bad email delivery rate.
  • They may not have the tools to check whether emails are getting inboxed or in the spam folder of the client.
  • You may not get the expected result according to your expense.

Advantages of Global Email Marketing Companies
  • You do not have to visit anywhere, these are online, and you can do it by yourself.
  • These companies are too much cheaper than local companies.
  • Your data is more secure than local companies.
  • So many beautiful email templates, you can choose according to your business.
  • Many types of plans, whether your company is small or big no issues.
  • With lots of tracking tools, you can check so much data and report.
  • You can check how many emails were delivered and how many bounced, how many inboxed and how many were spammed, and many more things.
  • You can check who opened your email and who did not.
  • These companies provide so many tools and AI systems to track and analysis of data which will be helpful to plan further email campaigns.

Drawbacks of Global Email Marketing Companies
  • They are not physically available.
  • Needs some extra knowledge and effort.

According to my opinion, global email marketing companies are the best, you should try them at least once. You can learn the functionality of email campaigns from YouTube and other available options.

Most Popular and Trusted Global Email Marketing Companies

  1. Sendinblue
  2. Aweber 
  3. MailerLite
  4. Active Campaign

Note: Sendinblue is the best for the number of emails basis and Aweber is best for the number of subscribers basis.

List of Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Puducherry

The below list is the list of the top 10 most popular and trusted email marketing companies in Puducherry.

  • VNet India (vnetindia.com)
  • Digital Factory (digitalfactory.co.in)
  • Sociall (sociall.in)
  • Webcoasters (webcoasters.in)
  • PondyBiz Technology Solutions (pondybiz.com)
  • Cherri DM (cherridm.com)
  • Avento (avento.in)
  • Xiologics (xiologics.com)
  • Instancers Technology (instancers.com)
  • Arvis Digital (arvisdigital.com)

The above list is the list of the top 10 best email marketing companies in Puducherry, It is recommended that before hiring any local email marketing company collect all possible details about their credibility and work experience so that you can get maximum benefits for your expenditure.

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