What is the purpose of Article tag in HTML5?

By: Meena Singh | 06 June 2019


Sameer Sagar

15 August 2019

The <article> tag element represents a complete composition in a web page or web application that is independently distributable e.g. in syndication in HTML5. 

  • The <article> tag design to show short information about a blog, user-submitted comment/news story, a heading, time & date, and who is the write that blog entry, it also provides a link to read the complete article information.
  • The <article> tag is a new tag in HTML5. 

Syntax example of <article> tag:


  <h2>Insert Title Here</h2>

  <p>Insert a article paragraph of text here</p>

 <h4>Name of who right th article</h4>

 <time>10:40 AM | August 15th, 2019</time>


The <article> tag is most commonly used to contain information that may be distributed independently from the rest of the site OR bloging site.

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