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Social Media Marketing

Social media will be right up there in the case that someone enlists the most impact phenomena of the 21st century. We say this with so much surety as we are well aware that significantly more than half of the people residing on the crust of Planet Earth use social media in one form or another. Yes, that is right; out of the 8 B members of the global human population, significantly more than 4 B are users of, at the very least, one social media site. However, the most striking statistic is not the above one.

What is much more striking than what is mentioned previously is related to the time the social media user spends on these kinds of platforms on average in a single day. Upon doing some research, we have found out that the average social media user spends more than a couple of hours each day on social platforms. Now, if you take out 8 hrs each for sleep and work and take four more out for cooking, eating, commuting, and getting ready, you will quickly be able to come to a striking conclusion: we spend half of our free time on social media!

Once we have deciphered that we are spending an exorbitant amount of time on these platforms, it is not very difficult to recognize why these platforms would be amazing as marketing platforms. The more time we spend on a site, the higher the likelihood that we will get roped into the advertisements popping up on our screens routinely. Alongside this, the fact that so many people use this platform is also a good indicator of the fact that social platforms serve as excellent marketing tools. If you are a business owner and are thinking of scaling up your social media marketing game, know that you have come to the perfect place. In this piece, we will be detailing all the basics of social media marketing so you can get going on increasing the traffic to your marketing collateral as well as your website and thus boosting sales.

Gauge The Audience

Knowing your audience is crucial to succeeding in this field. The trick is to first gauge the kind of stuff your audience will be interested in. Once you have understood that, the next step is to create content according to that. Just make sure to connect whatever content you are posting to either your business your products or your service offerings; otherwise, the content will seem irrelevant and it will seem like you are willing to do anything for publicity ( that may be true but it is important not to let it show!) In the case that you post something your audience will be interested in, they will be more likely to like or comment on it. This increase in engagement from social media users will propel the post to become visible to even more people, growing your social media footprint.

Optimize Your Social Media Profile

It is crucial to optimize your social media profile in a way that your brand image is propelled. No matter whether it is the display picture of the Instagram page of your company or the featured photos of your Facebook profile, everything should represent what your brand stands for. Alongside, make sure your company website’s link is featured on all social media profiles. This way, if anyone is attracted to your marketing collateral on social media and wants to delve further into your company, they will know exactly where to gain more knowledge about your business.

Hire Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers have a huge following. Fans will start to associate the social media star with your company which will lead to a more positive image of your business in their eyes.

Wrapping Up

This is all we have as of yet. Best of luck with your social media marketing campaign!

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