In an interview about his film career, McGregor spoke about returning to the UFC

McGregor spoke about the situation during an exclusive screening at Road House on Wednesday (March 13), as reported by The Independent. He also touched on his future in acting. In the retelling of the 1989 UFC film starring Patrick Swayze, McGregor portrays the MMA star's adversary-turned-bouncer, a role initially played by Gyllenhaal, known for his role in The Day After Tomorrow. McGregor's involvement in the film appears to have expanded his perspectives, as he expressed admiration for his co-stars during the experience.

The rumors about McGregor’s comeback: what do we know?

There was talk of the Irishman's likely return to the Octagon in 2024 back at the end of 2023. In November of that year, there was even talk about his participation in the anniversary of UFC 300 (to be held in April 2024). But these rumors, alas, remained unconfirmed. But later a specific number appeared: on January 31, 2024, McGregor announced that he would fight on June 29. True, the ardor of the delighted fans was cooled by Dana White. A week after the Irishman’s statement, on February 7, the head of the UFC said that there were no exact dates yet. And the return of the 35-year-old Irishman is possible sooner than later in the fall. After such confusion, rumors even appeared that this was just warming up the audience, and McGregor would still enter the UFC 300 card. But there is little time left before the event, and there is no information about the Irishman’s participation. If the long-awaited fight of the legend of the 2010s does take place, you can bet on it in Mostbet casino.

A comeback on June 29 is still possible! 

Mixed martial arts sensation Michael Chandler has disclosed that he has been assured a showdown with Conor McGregor, despite ongoing delays in securing the bout. The anticipation for their clash heightened when the two served as rival coaches on the 2023 series of The Ultimate Fighter. However, a definitive agreement for the highly awaited matchup is yet to be finalized, leaving fans pondering McGregor's future in the octagon. The former two-weight UFC champion has amassed considerable wealth both in sports and business, prompting speculation about his potential return to the platform, as noted by Dana White. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his comeback, McGregor remains steadfast in his determination to step back into the octagon. 

Will McGregor be able to fight like he used to?

McGregor remained tight-lipped about the specifics of his UFC comeback, but he did express a preference for a return date of June 29 while outlining his training timeline. Speaking to The Independent, he emphasized ongoing discussions and the need for clarity, highlighting that he has two fights left on his contract and both parties are uncertain about their next move. McGregor voiced his desire for consistency in his training regimen, recalling past preparations for fights scheduled in January and December. Despite encountering setbacks and a lack of transparency, McGregor asserted that he remains in shape and continues to train diligently. He mentioned previous training camps in Cannes and Dubai alongside world champions, underscoring his readiness for a fight if provided with a concrete date. With June 29 as his target, McGregor believes he has ample time to prepare given his current fitness level.

Since his last fight, McGregor has remained active, securing various opportunities both on screen and in television. Notably, he will feature alongside Hollywood's Jake Gyllenhaal in a remake of a cult classic from the 1980s. McGregor has also appeared on television shows such as 'The Ultimate Fighter' and 'McGregor Forever,' which delve into his life and experiences as a fighter. Venturing into the realm of cinema, McGregor takes on a role in the Amazon Prime movie 'Round House,' a modern retelling of the 1989 film starring Patrick Swayze, infused with a UFC twist. In this adaptation, McGregor portrays the adversary of an MMA star-turned-bouncer, with Gyllenhaal taking on the role of the lead character.

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