Top 9 CS: GO Attributes You Don’t Know

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CS:GO has been around for decades. But if you are a newcomer to it, you might have missed some of its best CS:GO features. In this post, we will cover 9 of them.

10 CS:GO Attributes to Let Out of Your Sight


You can integrate stickers into your skins and demonstrate your support for different teams. Some stickers are quite costly, but most are very cheap. So you can play with them quite easily.

Utilizing the Trade-Up Contract

The CS:GO tournament inventory contains an item that can’t be deleted. The so-called Trade Up Contract allows players to place 10 skins of a specific rarity class for one skin of a higher rarity class. The upgrade always covers one level at a time. So if you trade 10 Classified skins, you can acquire one Covert skin.

The system views the float value of the skins you manage. If you use just Battle Scarred skins, the outcome will have a low float value. You can’t receive a Factory New or a Minimal Wear skin when managing skins with bad floats.

Exploring Game Modes

In CS: GO settings, you get access to a plethora of game modes apart from competition-based action, for example, you can benefit from Deathmatch and mess with serious weapons on a map full of opponents. There are a bunch of different game modes that you can get the maximum out of.

Changing the Default Pistol

The 1st and the 16th sessions of CS maps are known as pistol sessions. And in those cases, you can utilize your default pistol. The same thing happens in every other session where you don’t purchase a better pistol or rifle. But is there anything you can do if you don’t like the default pistol?

Importantly, you can open your inventory and amend the default pistol. Terrorists can decide to play utilizing the P2000 instead of the USP-S. Some punters rely on the P2000, but you can still benefit from the USP-S as before. All changes are optional rather than mandatory.

Selling Your Skins to Other Players

Skins, as effective cosmetics, happen to be significant elements of CS:GO. The game’s community is excited about them. When you detect a skin, you can click the right option in your inventory and check its value on the Steam Market. It doesn’t mean that you necessarily sell it there right away. You could use it, or you could decide to distribute it on an independent platform.

The benefit of selling your skins on a different platform is that you’ll be able to take your funds out. For example, making sales on Steam can get your money stuck in the local wallet. So you’d better use money to buy video games and other Steam products.

Exploring Key Binds

One of the main things you can do in CS:GO events is to set up the Developer Console to establish key binds. In other words, you can bind a key to an action and take action by simply clicking that key. For example, you can purchase grenades this way and simplify the buying routine at the beginning of the round. Or you can bind radio controls to particular keys and start interacting with your team this way. There are many other things that can be reached using CS:GO commands. All of them are valid once you start the Developer Console, which can be done in the settings.

Joining Short Matches

Valve integrates the short match format into the game. You can play a Bo16, which decreases the match duration considerably. This automatically protects you from your teammates that don’t contribute to the positive outcome. So you don’t have to wait to initiate your next CS match anymore.

Short matches are an excellent opportunity to enjoy yourself when you have limited time to enjoy the game before the time to work or sleep comes. A Bo30 match is a great challenge but it surely takes less time to stand within the competition.

Approaching Maps for Training Purposes

In CS:GO, every pro player can benefit from training maps. These are maps developed to strengthen your ability to apply different weapons. All you do on these maps is to focus on diverse goasl and try to destroy them in the short term. The range of options is extraordinary, and you can become an AWP, a pistol, or a rifle specialist with full-faceted training.

You can still achieve a ton of success without the above knowledge. But if there is an opportunity to make your CS performance better why not go for it? Make sure to get the maximum out of it.

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