Which are the top 10 IB Schools in Hyderabad?

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Anushka Reddy, Educational Counselor

Best IB Schools in Hyderabad?

Hi, my name is Anushka Reddy and I have been working as an educational counselor for the last 9 years in Hyderabad. There is a big problem among the people, they just look at schools campus, fee and they decide ok this school is good for their child. Is that ok? every student has a different learning capability and interest, My suggestion is for all parents is to first understand your child's interest and then search for such a school who provides better education which matches your child's interest. Below I'm going to mention some good IB Schools names in Hyderabad, but please don't refer below list before knowing your child's interest and capability.

List of Top 5 IB Schools in Hyderabad

  • Oakridge International School
  • Indus International School
  • Chirec International School
  • Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad
  • Sreenidhi International School

Best IB School in Hyderabad
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