Which are the Most Expensive Universities in Uganda?

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Most Expensive Universities in Uganda

Most Expensive Universities in Uganda

Makerere University is the most expensive university in Uganda, It is supposed as the best university in Uganda. Makerere University was founded in 1922 as a technical school, and in 1970 it became an independent public national university. This article contains the list of the top 10 most expensive universities in Uganda, but before that, there are many important things to know about the universities of Uganda.

There are more than 50+ universities in Uganda, These universities can categorize into 4 categories i.e. private universities, public universities, military universities,  and other special degrees awarding universities. There are more than 40+ public universities, 11 public universities, 5 military universities, and 3 special degree-awarding universities.

List of Top 10 Most Most Expensive Universities in Uganda

Below list is the list of the top 10 most expensive universities in Uganda, this list has been prepared on the basis of tuition fees and other academical fees & expenses.

  • Makerere University
  • Kampala International University
  • Uganda Christian University, Mukono
  • Kyambogo University
  • Uganda Martyrs University
  • Lugazi University
  • Nkumba University
  • Gulu University
  • Busitema University
  • Islamic University in Uganda

The above list is the list of the top 10 most expensive universities in Uganda, In some reports, you will see Kyambogo University is more expensive than Uganda Christian University but that report is old, due to fee hikes and extra expenses Uganda Christian University has beaten Kyambogo University in terms of expensive university. This report is prepared on the basis of various data and parameters such as tuition fees, library fees, other academy & utility fees, etc.

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Private Sector Universities in Uganda

There are more than 40 plus private sector universities in Uganda, During 1980 the culture of private sector industries started in Uganda, the Islamic University of Uganda is the first and oldest private University in Uganda that was established in 1988 in Mbale which is a city in the Easterns region of Uganda.  The names of some popular private universities in Uganda are listed below.

  • Africa Graduate University [ Entebbe ]
  • Africa Renewal University [ Buloba ]
  • African Rural University [ Kagadi ]
  • ISBAT University [ Kampala ]
  • All Saints University [ Lira ]

Public Universities in Uganda

There are 11 public sector universities in Uganda that are funded by the common taxpayer of Uganda. Makerere University is the oldest & biggest most prestigious university in Uganda, it was established in 1922 in Makerere. Below I’m going to mention the names of some most popular public universities in Uganda

  • Busitema University [ Busitema ]
  • Gulu University [ Gulu ]
  • Kabale University [ Kabale ]
  • Makerere University [ Makerere ]
  • Kyambogo University [ Kyambogo ]

Military Universities in Uganda

There are 5 Military Universities in Uganda, University of Military Science and Technology is the most popular university in Uganda. All Military Universities are listed below.

  • The University of Military Science and Technology [ Lugazi ]
  • Uganda Senior Command and Staff College [ Kimaka ]
  • Uganda Military Academy [ Kabamba ]
  • National Defence College, Uganda [ Jinja ]
  • Uganda Junior Staff College [ Jinja ]

This was all about the most expensive universities in Uganda, I hope this will help someone who is looking for some relevant information. I have tried my best to give to provide you with the most relevant information regarding the universities in Uganda but I can’t refuse the mistake. If you have more information you can share it with us.

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