Does hand sanitizer is useful in coronavirus?

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Atul Verma, Medical Student

Coronavirus is not as much dangerous as people think, the death rate is around 3.4% in coronavirus but still, people should be conscious about prevention from coronavirus infection. There are few things if you follow them you will be away from coronavirus attack. First, you should know the way how it enters any human body, if you know all possible ways then you can take necessary precautions to keep yourself away from the coronavirus.

How coronavirus enters in the human body

There are two ways by which coronavirus can enter the human body.

  • By mouth
  • By Nose

If somebody is infected from coronavirus then from that person it can pass to another person, if that person coughing or sneezing then coronavirus spread in the air or on surrounding things and if within a few moments some another person comes in the touch of those various then he also can get infected. The coronavirus can enter throw your nose or mouth from the air.

Coronavirus can survive very little time in the air but still, at that time it can infect any other person.

People bad habit

People use their hand to touch anything or for the handshake and then they often touch their face and nose, this is highly risky so don't do this, because if you do this it is highly possible that you will also get infected from the coronavirus if that person is infected.

Use of hand sanitizer-

If you touch anything at a public place then try to use hand sanitizer before touching your face and nose with your hand because it has observed that in 60% of cases people are getting infected throw their hands, so avoid touching your face and nose again and again and if it is necessary then make sure your hand are properly cleaned.

What to do and what to not do-

  • Avoid to handshake with people, you can use Indian style namaste for greeting to anyone.
  • When you are coughing or sneezing, always cover your face with a towel.
  • Do not cough or sneeze openly.
  • Avoid visiting crowded places.
  • Keep a proper distance while talking to any person.
  • Always wash your hand properly and use a towel for the rest of the water before eating.
  • Avoid eating in public places.
  •  Avoid eating in such plates in which many people eat.

Note - Precautions and awareness are the most helpful to keep yourself away from the coronavirus.

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