The 10 Most Trusted Water Treatment Solutions Companies in Kenya - 2023

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water treatment companies in kenya

This page contains the list of the most trusted and cost-effective wastewater and drinking water treatment companies in Kenya that offer water treatment solutions for both large and small-scale industries & businesses in urban, semi-urban, and rural areas of the country.

Economic development and Industrialization have their own advantages and disadvantages and they directly impact society &  environment and raise new challenges, Wastewater management is among them. The country also facing drinking water problems, According to Unisafe over 10 million people in Kenya drink directly from contaminated surface water sources.

Water treatment plants are the best solution to tackle this problem. There are many water treatment companies in Kenya that are working hard and providing effective solutions to this issue. The list of the most affordable & trusted water treatment companies in Kenya that work on the latest technologies to meet regulatory approval standards is mentioned below.

Best Water Treatment Companies in Kenya

1. Aquatreat Solutions Ltd

Aquatreat Solutions provides a wide range of solutions for water and wastewater treatment and management for industries, small-scale businesses, and households. The company offers personalized, inventive, and premium water treatment goods, systems, and answers, aimed at enhancing your operational effectiveness and aligning with regulatory endorsement criteria. This empowers you to elevate the well-being, security, and quality of life of the individuals under your care.

The company offers various water treatment products and services including water treatment systems, chemicals, Reverse Osmosis Plants, Dosing Equipment, Cooling Towers Chemicals, Boilers, Chillers, etc.

Address: Eastern Bypass Road, Golden Estate No. 31/32, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 202317314, +254 (724) 083450



2. Puryhydro Systems Ltd

Puryhydro Systems is a well-known and trusted water treatment company in Kenya having more than 12+ years of experience in the field. The company offers a variety of solutions for industries, commercial space, and households.

The main services offered by the company are water analysis, water treatment plant installation, and consultation site investigation for analysis of water treatment installation planning.

The company offers a wide range of products for water solutions such as commercial/industrial reverse osmosis plants, water dispensers (tabletop, wall mounted, floor standing), RO water pumps, filters (sediment, GAC, CTO, reverse osmosis membrane, T33, UDF, etc), UV lamps & adapters, etc.

Address: Baricho Rd, Industrial Area Vinodeep Towers 3rd floor, Office No: 307 Nairobi

Phone: +254 723 537 407, +254 742 052 000



3. AquaChem Ltd

Aqua Chem is a UAE-based water treatment company that provides specialized water treatment services to industries, corporate offices, hotels, and residential complexes in Kenya. The company branch office is situated in Muthaiga, Nairobi, Kenya.

Aqua Chem offers a variety range of water solutions services like wastewater treatment, influent water clarification, cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, desalination plants, hydrocarbon processing, water & process treatment equipment, laboratory & field test equipment & reagents, etc.

Address: AquaChem Ltd, P.O. Box 63330-00619, Muthaiga, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: 00254 20 3745182

Fax: 00254 20 3745184



4. Hydrolink Technologies Ltd

Hydrolink Technologies Limited is a well-recognized Nairobi-based water treatment company in Kenya. Over the years company has completed more than 20+ big projects across the country. Hydrolink Technologies Limited stands as a prominent supplier of solutions for water, wastewater, and process treatment. The company guarantees the utmost service quality and proficiency, offering reassurance to our clients. Our team, composed of foremost water experts, specialists, and engineers, oversees all operations, ensuring excellence

Phone: 020 200 0478

Mobile: +254 705 215 698



Address: East Gate Rd, Off Mombasa Rd, Next to Mombasa Rd Police Post Nairobi Kenya

5. Davchem East Africa Ltd

Davchem is one of the oldest water treatment companies in Kenya, It is a leading regional water and wastewater treatment solutions provider that has been offering water treatment solutions since the year 2004. The company offers an all-inclusive hub for water treatment choices that span residential, industrial, and commercial applications. Moreover, they provide water examination and testing services, integrating automated online systems for water analysis and management.

Address: Davchem Water Center, Sameer Business Park, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 717 711 212, +254 714 603 344



6. Amrut Filtration

Amrut Filtration Systems is an India-based water treatment company that offers various water and wastewater solutions in Kenya, The company's Kenya office is situated in Nairobi city. The company is a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Water Treatment and Reverse Osmosis Water Plants. Their wide product line includes Mineral Water Plant, RO Plant (Reverse Osmosis), RO (Reverse Osmosis) Spares, Water Treatment Chemical, Nano Filtration Plant, ETP Recycle Plant, Softener Plant, and DM Plant (Demineralisers Plant). 

Address: Industrial Area, Nairobi, Africa (E.A.)

Phone: +254 733 895312



7. Lewin Technologies Ltd

Lewin Technologies is a well-recognized water treatment company in Kenya, the company headquarters is situated in the country's capital Nairobi. The company provides cost-effective water treatment, water testing, and alternative energy solutions to major industries in Africa. The top services offered by Lewin Technologies are listed below.

  • Water Treatment Solutions
  • Water Treatment Accessories
  • Water Testing & Analysis
  • Beverage Packaging Solutions
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Consulting Service

Address: Apex Place, Ruiru, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 722 675 849



8. Elikham Systems Limited

Elikham Systems is a Kenyan company that provides cost-effective innovative water solutions. The company offers a wide range of water treatment services and products including dealing with the design, engineering, installation, commissioning, Operation & maintenance of water and waste water treatment systems to customers which depend upon the specific requirements, treated water quality, site conditions, and budget.

Address: Muthaiga Suites, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 773 552 344

Cell: +254 020 785 3184



9. CESP Africa

CESP – Africa Group is an international firm with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The organization was started with the aim of addressing Africa’s challenges in the engineering field and more specifically in water technology, as well as the energy and construction sectors.

The company provides various water solutions and services mainly residential & commercial wastewater treatment systems, water storage solutions, chemical supplies, water pumps, water quality monitoring, etc.


Royal Business Park, 

Old Mombasa Road before SGR

Terminus Syokimau, Machakos, Kenya.

Phone: 0715281537 / 0712627593



10. Waterkiosk Africa

Waterkiosk Africa is a registered entity specialized in renewable energy solutions for water treatment facilities. The company installs, operates, and maintains solar water desalination systems for off-grid communities around Africa.

The Systems are manufactured in Germany by the affiliate company Boreal Light GmbH and they are capable of delivering high-quality hygiene drinking, irrigation, fish farm, and sanitation water from any kind of high saline and polluted water resources


off Mombasa Road, Sapphire Business Park, Gat A,

Godown No. 17, Opposite Signature Mall

Phone: 0769 505133



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