Which are the top 5 best Reasoning Book?

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Lucy Devid

List of 5 Best Reasoning Books for Competitive Examination

1. Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by "Dr. RS Aggarwal"

This book is good for both verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning includes the Construction of Squares & Triangles, Classification, Figure Formation & Analysis, Series, Completion of Incomplete Patterns, Paper Folding, Analogy, Analytical Reasoning, Cubes & Dice, etc.

The book consists of several practice questions with explanations helpful in all competitive examinations like SSC, Bank, Railway, Bank PO, Engineering, Job interviews, SSC CGL, etc.

2. A new approach to Reasoning By "B.S. Sijwali & S. Sijwali Arihant"

The book consists of three sections namely verbal reasoning, analytical reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. According to the previous year exam questions with detailed solutions are given. Almost Thousands of model question papers are given for practice all competitive exams including Government and private both.

3. Analytical Reasoning by "M.K Pandey"

It is basically more useful for all competitive exam preparations including SSC, CHSL, and others.

  • The book consists of around 710 pages with 2000+ questions.
  • All the topics are covered in detail including verbal and non-verbal reasoning. 
  • Practice sets are given at the end of the book page.

4. Multi-Dimensional Reasoning by "Mishra & Kumar Dr. Lal"

  • Book consists of model questions based on concepts with explanations.
  • Its Kindle edition is also available which covering both verbal and non-verbal questions just practice as required for the examination.

5. Reasoning Book for Competitive Examinations by "Pearson"

  • The Book consists of overall 2500 questions are given for practice with solutions
  • Book provides 3 mock tests to examine exam readiness.
  • Helpful in all competitive examinations like SSC, Bank, Railway, Bank PO, Engineering, etc.

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Varun Singh

Best Reasoning Books

I have been teaching reasoning for the competitive exams for the last 7 years to competitive students. I use to teach my students with various books, some of them were effective and some of them were totally time waste. I mentioned or preferred books which are totally based on the result of my students who got selected in various one-day examinations.

According to me, the best book for competitive exams

  • Dr. RS Aggarwal
  • A New Approach to REASONING (Arihant Publication)

These two books are most effective in most of the one-day examinations. If you want to solve some difficult problems then you can also take

  • Magical Book On Puzzles (K. Kundan)
  • Analytical Reasoning (M.K. Pandey)

These books are my best books for all competitive exams, I hope you would like my choice.

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Sunanda Das

Hey Guys! I'm Sunanda Das

For the last 10 years I'm suggesting books various competitive exams aspirants:

  1. RS Agarwal Reasoning
  2. Arun Sharma Reasoning
  3. MK Pandey Reasoning

These are the top 3 books which are good for SSC, Banking, Railway & other competitive exams.

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