Insect Detective 2: Story, Full Cast List, Release Date, Where to Watch

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Insect Detective 2

Insect Detective  Season 2

Insect Detective 2 is an upcoming Chinese mystery and thriller drama, it is the second season of the drama. The first season was released in November 2020 with 24 episodes. In the first season of the drama Gala Zhang, Chu Yue, and Chu Yue were in lead characters, In the upcoming season most of the cast from season 1 will be retained in season 2 and there will be some new cast.

The page contains brief details and recent updates about Insect Detective season 2 along with the full cast list, synopsis, release date, budget & collection, filming locations, and information about where you can watch this drama.

Insect Detective 2 Basic Details

  • Drama Name: Insect Detective 2
  • Drama Season: Season 2
  • Other Name: Po Jian 2
  • Country: China
  • Total Episodes: Not Yet Disclosed
  • Running Time: Not Yet Disclosed
  • Original Network: Youku
  • Original Language: Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Genres: Thriller, Mystery
  • Sub Titles: English, Hindi, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Urdu & More

Insect Detective 2 Synopsis (Story)

The way in which the end of the first season left suspense compelled us to think about what will be the next. Season 1 left a good room for the author to write more interesting events in the upcoming season. The makers of the Insect Detective drama have not revealed any clue about the plot of season 2 yet. In this section, very soon we will mention the synopsis (story) of the Insect Detective season 2 so keep checking for our next update.

Insect Detective 2 Creators List

It is a Youku network original drama directed by Li Jing Dong, drama screen is written by Li Jing Dong and Hei Mao. Liu Hai Ying and Xie Ying are producers and executive producers of the drama respectively. The creator's list of the Chinese drama Insect Detective Season 2 is mentioned below.

Insect Detective 2 Full Cast List

In Insect Detective Season 2 many cast are being retained from season 1. Gala Zhang and Chu Yue are lead characters in this season too. Bie Thassapak Hsu is being introduced as a new lead in the drama. The full cast list of the Chinese drama Insect Detective Season 2 is mentioned below.

Insect Detective 2 Cast List

Insect Detective 2 Budget & Collection

This section is dedicated to the budget and collection of the Chinese drama Insect Detective's season 2, It gets updated on a regular basis if there is any new update available about the budget and collection of the drama. For the time being there is no official information available about the budget and collection of Insect Detective Season 2 but according to unofficial resources, this season is going to be a mid-budget Chinese drama. 

  • Budget: Not Disclosed
  • Collection: Not Available

Insect Detective 2 Filming Location

The filming location of the Insect Detective season 2 is not announced yet. We will mention full details about the filming locations of the drama once the filming gets started so keep waiting for our next update.

  • Filming Location: Not Disclosed

Insect Detective 2 Release Date

The release date of Insect Detective season 2 is yet to be announced however it is expected to be released by spring 2023. All updates related to the Insect Detective season 2 release date will be mentioned here.

  • Release Date: Not Announced Yet

Insect Detective 2 Updates, News & Controversy

This section contains the list of all recent updates, news, and controversies related to the Chinese drama Insect Detective season 2. Below you can find the all updates related to the drama so let's see what is new

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