Is Amdocs a good company to work for freshers?

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Ajay Singh

Hi, my name is Ajay Singh and I'm working in Amdocs for the last 2 years, as a fresher I was joined IBM in Bangalore, I worked in IBM for 2 years and later I joined Accenture, and for the last 2 years, I'm working in Amdocs. I have experience of working in three IT giants but as of now if anyone asks to in which company would you like to join as a fresher then my first choice will be Amdocs.

There are many factors because of those I would like to join Amdocs as a fresher. As we all know, for fresher money is a secondary thing, and grabbing knowledge is a primary thing and that Amdocs provides to the freshers. I joined Amdocs as an experienced employee but I have been part of talent engagement so I have seen the difference between companies how they train the freshers and how they conduct their training and the company never enforces you to do the stuff that you don't want to do. If in some case they require some other technology from you then they give you proper time to learn. The below-listed points are the top key factors that will tell you why you should join Amdocs as a fresher.

  • Great Learning Environment.
  • Always Challenging Work.
  • Great Training By Expert.
  • Training while working on live project
  • Low work pressure.

So overall according to my experience if you are a fresher and if you are getting a chance to work with Amdocs then you should join the company. If you are joining Amdocs you will get a chance to explore yourself and to learn many latest technology and one more important thing you will get a good salary.

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