What is the syllabus of CDAC and CCAT?

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CDAC Admission Process for PG Diploma Courses

The C-CAT & C-CAT organization conducts exam for admissions in PG Diploma Courses:

  • June( for August admissions)
  • December( for February admissions)

Exam Syllabus & Test Paper Pattern for C-DAC

C-DAC exam syllabus divided into three sections like Section A, Section B & Section C, full information about sections and a total number of questions with time duration of per paper is mentioned below:

Section A

(It is the combinations of three topics like English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning)

  • Number Of Questions: English (20), Quantitative Aptitude (15) & Reasoning (15)
  • Total Time Duration: 60 Minutes

Section B

(It is the combinations of six topics like Computer Fundamentals, C Programming, Data Structures, Data Communication & Networking, Object-Oriented Programming Concepts, Operating Systems) 

  • Number Of Questions: C Language(15), Data Structure (6-8), Operating System (6-8), OOPS (8-10), Computer Networks (8-10)
  • Total Time Duration: 60 Minutes

Section C

(It is the combinations of three topics like Computer Architecture, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors) 

  • Number Of Questions: Microprocessor(15), Digital Logic(14-15) & Computer Architecture(10-11) 
  • Total Time Duration: 60 Minutes

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