Graphics Canvas Introduction

The Graphics canvas allows animating our page inside the canvas with the help of JavaScript code.

Before Using Graphics Canvas, we need to know basic information about HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. Canvas design looks like the animated design, BUT it is not animated, just simple use of canvas tag and pass the ID into canvas tag. Then we can call JavaScript file into the canvas with the help of ID.

We can draw colorful Circle, Text, and Rectangle without animations with the help of canvas tag.

Guide, How to use Canvas?

  • First of all, We need to add canvas tag in HTML
  • Draw the Line, Rectangle, Circle, Text, Coordinates, Image and Gradients into the canvas tag.
  • We can style font-size, family, position, etc.
  • Draw on the canvas like - Height, Width & Color options
  • Enable JavaScript drawing methods on the canvas, Use ID attribute.
  • Use X and Y Coordinate of drawn items.

Browser Support HTML5 Graphics Canvas

Element Chrome Edge Firefox Safari Opera
<canvas> 4.0 9.0 2.0 3.1 9.0
  • The <canvas> element is not supported in some older browsers but is supported in recent versions of all major browsers.
  • The default size of the canvas is 300 px × 150 px (width × height). But custom sizes can be defined using the HTML height and width property.

Can be used HTML5 Canvas for animation & Game?

  • Yes, Canvas method use for animations
  • It responds to JavaScript Events
  • The <canvas> offers a lot of possibilities for HTML gaming applications

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