Learn C Programming

This is complete C programming tutorial, this tutorial is for beginners who have very less or none knowledge of programming. We are going to start from very basic programming concepts.

What is a program?

A group of statements that are used to perform a particular task is called program.

Example - A program to add two numbers, a program to print welcome message etc.

Note - The above code is an example of a program, don't worry about code, you will learn it in detail.

What is software?

Collection of programs that are used to solve a particular problem and provide specific result is called software.

Example - calculator, note pad, word pad, paint, photo editor etc.

C Programming

To learn C programming we requires two software

  1. Text Editor (Used in typing program )
  2. Compiler (Used in run the program )

In the next chapter, we will learn about Text Editors and Compiler, How to install both software on your computer and how to use them for typing and running the program.

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