What is the process of Fiserv interview?

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Ankit Singh, Developer at Fiserv

There are three processes of Interview in Fiserv which are listed below.

  1. System aptitude test
  2. Technical face to face round
  3. HR interview ( personal behavior and communication test )

Note: All rounds are elimination rounds, you have to perform a certain prefixed score, this score may vary according to number of candidates at the time of interview

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Amit Verma

I have worked for Fiserv in 2017 for 7 months. In 2017 I was newly graduated and I applied for Fiserv for the role of Software Engineer Trainee using Fiserv career portal. Fiserv receives applications by workday.com. after 3 days form application, I received an email for Interview at the company. I went there, there ware more 17 to 18 candidates. There were 3 rounds in the whole selection process. 

  • Online Apti Test
  • Face to Face Technical Test
  • HR Round

In the First Round, there were normal aptitude questions, the level was not much tough. In the second round, they gave me paper and asked to solve some puzzles, basic java concept basically OOPS and some question from database queries. This round was about 30 to 35 min. After this round, they conducted HR rounds in which they asked basic HR question and about the salary. 

 If you are going to attend the Fiserv interview then make sure that you are confident and normal.

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