What is the list of Chinese apps banned in India?

Updated By: Adom | 29 June 2020


Atul Verma

29 June 2020

India baned 59 Chinese Apps

Indian Government and cybersecurity department of India recognized 59 Chinese apps that are highly harmful to Indian user's data. Finally, the government of India decided to ban these 59 Chinese apps. Since the whole world sees China as a security threat so in this scenario the decision of the Indian government seems like a roadmap towards the Chinese threat.

In 1950 China forcefully occupied Tibet. India and Tibet share a huge land border but in the current scenario, China has overall control over Tibet and China creating a conflict with India regarding land borders in India UT Ladakh.

A few days back on the 15th and 16th June night Chinese border force attacked during a border dispute talk with the Indian army personal. Reports say that Chinese troops attacked with a preplanned manner on Indian army officials who went to talk with the Chinese army. In this conflict 20 Indian soldiers including a high rank, the officer gets martyred. In response to the Chinese attack, the Indian army responded very heavily in which more than 43+ Chinese troops including a high-ranked army personal got killed by the Indian army.

After the border clash, there is a huge sentiment in Indian people toward China. Now every Indian feeling China as traitors. Indians are demanding the government ban Chinese product in India. There is huge anger in Indians for china and there are movements going on in each part of the country to boycott Chinese products and ban Chinese products.

List of Chinese Apps Banned in India

Below is the list of All 59 Chinese apps that baned by the Indian government.

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