What is the difference between the cursor and mouse pointer?

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Shusmita Pandit

Cursor In Computer

In the computer, the Cursor is used to indicate the next space for a letter when you are typing to up and down the screen. In other words, the cursor is the memory block, used to encode and save the animated (ANI) or static (CUR) graphical object.

Types of Cursors in Computer

Mostly, there are three types of cursors available in Computers, which are:

  1. Text Cursor
  2. Mouse Cursor
  3. 3D Cursor

Mouse Pointer In Computer

In the computer, the Mouse Pointer is used to highlight objects where you want to get information with an action like (the left button & right button) or enter in any folder or any type of file.

Types of Mouse Pointers in Computer

  1. Arrow Pointer: Select or execute commands
  2. Sizing Pointer: Adjusts the size of Windows
  3. Sizer Pointer: Moves objects on the desktop

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