Which are the top American companies in Latvia?

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American Companies in Latvia

American Companies in Latvia

Latvia is officially known as the Republic of Latvia, Latvia is a European country situated in Northern Europe. On the basis of land area and population, Latvia is a very small country but still, on the basis of trade, Latvia keeps a very important country in Europe. There are more than 100+ top American companies are working in Latvia, in this article I'm going to list all the top American MNCs that are working in Latvia but before that let's know some important details about Latvia.

Important Details About Latvia

  • Country Name: Latvia
  • Official Name: Republic of Latvia
  • Capital: Riga
  • Population: 1907675 [ 2020, Estimated ]
  • Official Language: Latvian
  • Major Religions: Christianity, Lutheranism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy
  • Area: 64,589 Km Sq.
  • GDP: $37.720 billion [ Nominal ]
  • GDP: $19,824 [ Nominal Per Capita ]

List of Top Best American Companies in Latvia

There are more than 100+ American MNCs are working in Latvia, Which are creating thousands of employment in the country. In Latvia, American companies are working in various sectors such as technology, finance, automobile, social media, health care, etc. Below I'm going to list the top 30 American MNC companies in Latvia.

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. Cisco Systems
  4. Facebook
  5. Apple
  6. Dell Technologies
  7. Capital One
  8. Qualcomm
  9. Intel Corporation
  10. Bank of America
  11. Uber
  12. JPMorgan Chase & Co
  13. Verizon
  14. Citi
  15. IBM
  16. Comcast
  17. Cognizant
  18. Boeing
  19. Amazon
  20. Starbucks
  21. The Home Depot
  22. Nordstrom
  23. Target
  24. Best Buy
  25. AT&T Mobility
  26. UnitedHealth Group
  27. Oracle
  28. State Farm
  29. Wells Fargo
  30. Whole Foods Market

There are more than 100+ top American MNCs are working in Latvia among them I have listed the top 30 in the above list. I have prepared this list on the basis of company valuation in the country, market share, and employment as of July 2021. I will re-update my answer in the future so keep checking for the update.

I hope my answer maybe will help with your search query regarding top American companies in Latvia. If you like my answer then hit the vote button and if you want to share your knowledge or want to discuss anything related to this topic the please write your content too, I would like to know...!!!

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