Is head tag necessary in HTML?



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Is <head> Tag Necessary in HTML?

The answer is Yes, the <head> tag is necessary when we designed an HTML webpage. Actually, the <head> element is an essential part of the HTML document structure, and it contains metadata, resources, and other information about the document that is not directly visible to the user but is crucial for the proper functioning and presentation of the web page.

Why <head> Tag is Necessary?

As mentioned, the <head> tag in HTML is necessary because it serves as a container for metadata and other information about the web page, here are some reasons why the <head> tag is necessary

  • <title>: The <head> tag includes the <title> element, which specifies the title of the web page that is displayed in the browser's title bar or tab.
  • Metadata: The <head> element allows you to include metadata using various elements like <meta>, as well as, it provides information about the document's character encoding, viewport settings, author information, description, keywords, and more.
  • External Resources: The <head> tag allows you to link to external resources that are necessary for the page, such as stylesheets (<link>), JavaScript files (<script>), or icons (<link> with rel="icon").
  • Base URL: The <head> element can contain the <base> element, which specifies the base URL for relative URLs used within the document.
  • SEO and Accessibility: Including proper metadata and other information in the <head> section helps improve search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility of the web page.
  • Favicon: The <head> element allows you to specify a favicon (website icon) using the <link> element with rel="icon".
  • Character Encoding: The <head> tag contains the declaration of the document's character encoding (<meta charset="UTF-8">). This ensures that the browser interprets the text content correctly.

Syntax Example of <head> Tag

<!DOCTYPE html>



  <meta charset="UTF-8">

  <title>First Web Page</title>

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="firststyle.css">




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