What is the list of Chinese apps in India?

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Atul Singh

List of Chinese Apps in India

Hi, my name is Atul. I found this question on Gdatamart about the list of Chinese apps in India. Nowadays so many people are searching for information about Chinese apps. Since we all know we Indians never trust Chinese apps due to our security concerns, we have seen a lot of conflicts in the past regarding Chinese apps. I know the sentiment of Indians, Indian loves their country more than anything, every Indian have huge respect for the Indian Army. Indian knows how China often creates tension on LAC without any reason, due to these behaviors Indians don't like Chinese and Chinese apps and goods. Chinese companies earn a lot of money from Indian mobile users, There are too many Chinese apps already installed in your phone and you don't know about them. Below I'm going to list top Chinese apps in India. You can click on apps names for install or remove apps in your mobile phone.

Remove / Install Top Chinese Apps in India

  1. TikTok
  2. Helo
  3. Cam Scanner
  4. Kwai
  5. Vigo
  6. SHAREit
  7. UC Browser
  8. UC Browser Mini
  9. PUBG
  10. LiveMe
  11. Bigo Live
  12. Vigo Video
  13. BeautyPlus
  14. Xender
  15. Cam Scanner
  16. Clash of Kings
  17. Mobile Legends
  18. ClubFactory
  19. Shein
  20. Romwe 
  21. Clash of Kings
  22. Mobile Legends
  23. AppLock
  24. VMate
  25. Mafia City
  26. Battle of Empire

As a mobile user, our data is too important for us and our country. We perform payments and transactions with our phones, those data can be stolen by any apps which can cause economic harm to you and strategical harm to your country. I hope you will find my answer helpful.  

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