Where to watch Absolute Zero Thai BL series with eng sub?

Updated By: Abhi Paramshree | 18 May 2020


Ibbrahim Khan

18 May 2020

"Absolute Zero" 2021 is an upcoming Thai BL Series in 2021. The series is directed by "New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul". When the series will going to air it's not confirmed BUT it will air in 2021.

Synopsis Of Upcoming Thai BL Series Absolute Zero in 2021

The story of two boyfriends Ongsa and Suansoon's. "Ongsa" got into a serious accident because he was rushing back to celebrate "Suansoon's" birthday with him. "Suansoon" blamed himself and prayed if he could get back to the past, he would not get together with Ongsa.

"Suansoon" found himself in the past and warned Ongsa (high school age) about the future but Ongsa didn't believe him and became boyfriends with Suansoon anyway.

Ten years later, one day before the accident, Ongsa from the future came back to tell his younger self to not avoid the accident, because Suansoon will die if he does. "Ongsa" let the accident happen. He woke up again in the past where he met Suansoon for the first time. This time Ongsa decided to change the future and didn't approach Suansoon...

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