What is the use of a tag?

By: Minakshi Jha | 15 June 2019


Depali Yadav

15 September 2019

HTML tags simplify web design ability. In HTML, particular tags play a unique role in the web page for example:

<a> tag - It is known as an anchor tag, anchor tag to provide URL to switch one page to another page.

<html> tag - Always all tags write inside the HTML, open and close tag: basic HTML tag layout -


<head> - In head section, we can provide many tags like title, link, script meta tags, etc.

      <title></title> - Title tag use to give the title of the web page, it shows on the browser title

</head> - Closing tag of head

<body> - Very important tag in HTML, we can use all HTML tag witch one we want to show on the web page.

      <a href="#"></a>

</body> - Closing tag of body


Almost 118 tags are available in html & html5 to play a role to design a web page, as a web developer very important to know all about tag otherwise don't think, you are a good web designer and developer.

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