Top 20 best Korean gl series to watch in 2023

LAST READ: MAR 03 2024 | Author: ANGEL MAHI

GL Entertainment Industry

Nowadays, the GL (Girls Lover) series is becoming very popular in Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, India, Philippines, and Japan, as well as in Westen countries just like BL (Boys Lover) series.

girls love series drama

List of South Korean GL TV Series

Within two to five years, Thailand's entertainment industry created many GL series back to back. Even the Japanese entertainment industry is also created many Japanese GL series for the promotion of Girl Lover societies But right now we do not have sufficient data about the South Korean GL series. Our team is working on this article, so, we will re-update this article very soon after getting the details about it.

Popular GL Series

  1. Gap
  2. Show Me Love
  3. 23.5 -- Here you can find the complete list of GL series

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