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All listed series may maybe available in multiple languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and English Subtitles, and the Marathi language too. So Guys if you like to watch the Marathi web series then watch today all listed web series with multiple genres like comedy, romance, family drama, etc...

1. Samantar (Available On MX Player | Watch Now)

The web series was originally made in Marathi and later dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. Directed by Satish Rajwade, Samantar is a thriller based on the book of the same name by Suhas Shirwalkar.

The Stars Cast List Of Samantar

  • Nitish Bhardwaj
  • Tejaswini Pandit

2. High Time (Available On YouTube | Watch Now)

High Time is a six-episode dark comedy web series streaming on the YouTube channel "Karvanda Nirmitee".

The Stars Cast List Of High Time

  • Aashutosh Gokhale
  • Kshitish Date
  • Sainath Ganuwad
  • Shddjarth Mahashabde
  • Ketaki Narayan
  • Tanvi Kulkarni

Synopsis Of The Series High Time

High Time is a story about four friends who explore their lives and failures together, and yet promise for a better tomorrow which depends on strengthening their friendship and never giving up on each other.

3. Kaale Dhande (Available On ZEE5 | Watch Now)

Kaale Dhande is a Marathi comedy web show

The Stars Cast List Of Kaale Dhande

  • Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Sanskruti Balgude
  • Shubhankar Tawde

Synopsis Of The Series Kaale Dhande

This show is a new-age comedy. The story revolves around Vicky, a young photographer, and how his life changes because of various unforeseen situations. Desperate to put things in order, he gets entangled in a further mess. Manjrekar plays a baddie and makes this show a total entertainer.

4. Safe Journeys (Available On YouTube | Watch Now)

Safe Journey is a web series with eight episodes. Each episode showcases different facets of sex-related issues. The series is made in an attempt to encourage dialogue on safe sex, pregnancy, sexual abuse, and consent among youth. 

The Stars Cast List Of Safe Journeys

  • Parna Pethe
  • Suvrat Joshi
  • Shivani Rangole
  • Akshay Tanksale
  • Ruturaj Shinde
  • Dipti Kachare
  • Mrinmayee Godbole

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Rajendra Ghodke

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Marathi Web Series

Marathi is 3rd most spoken language in India. Marathi is widely spoken in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Since we know Mumbai is home to the Bollywood industry. With Bollywood, the Marathi industry is also growing rapidly, nowadays the Marathi web series is getting released in a very bulk amount. I'm going to list the top 10 Marathi web series.

Top Marathi Web Series List

  1. Gondya Ala re [2019]
  2. Shala [2019]
  3. Stirling Pulling [2019]
  4. FOMO- Gardit le Dardi [2019]
  5. Pandu [2019]
  6. Moving Out [2019]
  7. Bhadkhau [2019]
  8. Ani kay Hava [2019]
  9. Once a year [2019]
  10. Boomerang [2018]

This is the list of the top 10 Marathi web series, I hope this list will fill your search requirements. I will answer this list once again after a few months.

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