Top 10 Tamil web series?



Top 10 Tamil Web Series

Tamil Web Series

As we all know India is a huge country in terms of population, In India there is a lot of language being spoken. The official language of India is Hindi, nearly 44% Indians speak Hindi. After the Hindi Bengali, Marathi, Tengu, Tamil, Gujarati languages are top spoken language in India. Almost 6% Indians speak the Tamil language, but we all know about Tamilian movies, Almost all Indians like to watch Tamil movies, it is other things people used to watch in other dubbed languages. 

Nowadays the craze of web series is growing very spectacularly, The people love to watch realistic things rather than dramatic things, this is the reason why the industry of web series is growing very fastly in India.

Here I'm going to list the top 10 Tamil web series, I hope this list will help you to find some good option to watch the Tamil web series.

Top 10 Tamil Web Series

  1. Fingertip
  2. Auto Shankar
  3. Memories
  4. Nila Nila Odi Vaa
  5. American Mappillai
  6. Fuck Buddies
  7. Vella Raja
  8. Halfboil 
  9. As I’m suffering from Kadhal
  10. Kallachiruppu

I have prepared this list bested on their popularity, I hope this list will help you to find some good Tamil web series. Since I'm answering this question on 17th April 2020, so if in future there is any good Tamil web series that will be released, I would like to answer again.

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