How many Languages does Kim Hieora can speak?

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Fizza M. Rim

South Korean Actress Kim Hieora, Birth Details

Kim Hieora was born and grew up in Wonju, Gangwon Province, South Korea. She has been active in the Korean entertainment industry since 2009 as an actress, Theater actor, and Musical actor.

Languages Fluently Spoken by Kim Hieora

According to the upper description, Kim Hieora is very fluent in South Korea's official language Korean compared to other foreign languages that are spoken across the world. She can also speak English but she is not fluent much like Korean.

  • Korean
  • English

Maybe popular Korean star Kim Hieora can also speak some other foreign languages, such as Japanese, Thai, and Mandarin fluently but it is unclear whether she is able to speak or not (according to our data record).

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